How to Download YouTube Video to Galaxy Note 2

Download YouTube Video to Galaxy Note 2

A question was sent to us recently via The Droid Guy Mailbag which reads, “How do you save videos from YouTube to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 so that I don’t have to go to its site and go online each time I want to view the content that I want?”

Here are steps on how to download YouTube video to Galaxy Note 2:

Step 1 — Download the YouTube App

This is optional since you can still access YouTube using the Internet browser of your Smartphone. But for best results, it is advisable to get the YouTube app for Android from Google Play.

Step 2 — Enable Downloads from Unknown Sources

Make sure that your phone allows you to download files from third-party sources outside Google Play. All you have to do is open Settings. Then, go to Security. After that, tick the checkbox beside Unknown Sources to activate the feature.

Step 3 — Get the YouTube Downloader App for the Galaxy Note 2

Although you can use any application with the same function, one source of the tool which was recommended by a WonderHowTo article is the YouTubeDownloader (YTD) for Android from SourceForge. The link for the app can be found in the Resources section of this article. Be sure to download the latest version of the file and read the instructions provided by the uploader carefully.

Step 4 — Download the Video Using YTD

Open the video that you want to download using the YouTube app. Next, tap the share icon characterized by three dots interconnected by two lines resembling the mathematical symbol <.

Download YouTube Video to Galaxy Note 2 2

From there, select YTD. You will be asked about the quality of the video that you want to download, so just select it from the options and tap the Download Here button. Wait for it to finish.

Step 5 — Watch the Video

To access the video that you just downloaded, just open the download folder of your phone or the directory that you have set as the destination of your downloaded files and select the file that you wish to watch.


The app to download YouTube video to Galaxy Note 2 has been confirmed by various users to have worked for them but be reminded that the author haven’t tested the file yet from SourceForge so he can’t guarantee its success. This was only put as an example to illustrate that downloading videos from YouTube to the Galaxy Note 2 is possible. The author strongly advises vigilance on your part by checking the file for viruses, or if you know a more reliable alternative, feel free to use it. Otherwise, use the file at your own risk.

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File Resources: YouTube Android App, YouTubeDownloader for Android

Article Reference: WonderHowTo

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  1. YTD was my favorite app to download YouTube videos, but it’ didn’t work anymore since I switched to a new android phone (samsung galaxy s7). Currently, I use acethinker video downloader to save YouTube videos to my S7, free and works pretty well.

  2. you cqn download videos without apps just write dl before the word youtube in the URL of the video you want then download

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