Google Play Music Always Running in Samsung Galaxy S3

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There have been various complaints about the Google Play Music App. One Samsung Galaxy S3 user relayed to us that his phone is constantly running this app in the background. According to him, he forces it to stop or he uses task killer to disable the app but it resumes its operation again after a few minutes.

Possible Solutions to the Google Play Music Auto Run Problem

Based on our research, there are different methods to prevent Google Play Music from automatically running in the background of the Galaxy S3. Here they are:

1. Disable Google Play Music Syncing

One contributor in the Android Central forums shared the solution that Google Support provided him. In his post in the thread, he said that Google Support advised him to disable the syncing of the Google Play Music app. This can be done using the following steps:

a. From the Home screen, go to Settings.

b. Head over to Accounts followed by selecting Google.

c. Proceed to the Accounts configuration.

d. Select the email address that you are using which you have registered in Google.

e. Uncheck the Sync Google Play Music option.

Take note that while many have said that this solution worked for them, some stated that the app still persistently pops out after doing this.

2. Uninstall Updates of Google Play Music and Stop the App Completely

If the solution above fails to work, try this method:

a. Go to the Google Play app.

b. Choose the Google Play Music app.

c. Open the Settings.

d. Click Auto-Update Apps and hit “Do Not Auto Update Apps”.

e. Next go to back to the Home screen and open Settings.

f. Proceed to Application Manager.

g. Select the Google Play Music App and choose the Uninstall Updates option.

h. After that, repeat the items d, e and f of this section of the guide.

i. Tap the Google Play Music app and select Force Stop.

j. Repeat steps d, e and f again.

k. Show the cached processes.

l. Select the action to stop the running apps in the background.

m. Swipe to the All panel and disable Google Play Music from there.

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  1. This guide is out of date and needs updating. I went to the google pay music app but theres no option to open the settings.

  2. They failed to mention the best solution, root your phone and unstall It completely. Any forceware app that you don’t have the choice to uninstall is not worth having on your phone. Titanium Backup solves many nightmare situations like this.

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