3 Replies to “Galaxy S7 reboots on its own and overheating after an update, can’t send SMS to Canada, other issues”

  1. I do have the same problem described above by MS. Wiping the Cache didnt work for me. Please let us know if you found a solution!

  2. My S7 did this after a Samsung update around July 2017 time. At that time I went in and cleared the system cache as somebody on the web said there was a problem with the update occurring while something was doing “something” and corrupting the cache. That fixed the problem then.
    However the same thing happened again at the Sept 2017 update. Will try the cache fix again — but a cache corruption twice sounds strange since there are not a million people complaining. Will try to get replaced under warranty

  3. My Samsung S7 reboots and runs hot but not when charging. I believe it did an update several days ago. I had a network connection error and manually restarted it but it did not power on again. I was unable to boot up until the battery had drained. Upon boot up it continually restarted until I plugged a charge cable. Android security patch Level 1 June 2017

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