Galaxy S6 won’t power down, screen stays white, turns off by itself, other issues

While a lot of #GalaxyS6 boot problems are mainly due to failure of the device to turn on, some users sometimes encounter the total opposite. One of our readers have asked us for help because her phone won’t turn off at all. We hope that our suggestion to her will be helpful. We also cover some other related issues so take your time.

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Problem 1: Galaxy S6 won’t power down, screen stays white

Greetings. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The other night an update was performed in the overnight hours. When I woke-up, I have a whitish screen. My device will not power-off or reset holding the power key, volume, and home keys together. I let the battery drain and recharged but have the same result. I live in Japan on a military base. The carrier is Softbank, but they declined to try to fix my phone due to past issue with the charging port having to be replaced and they could not so I had to have a third party fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am certainly not in a position to purchase a new phone and this is my only way to communicate with my family in the States. Thank you. — Amanda

Solution: Hi Amanda. You seem to have a complicated situation so the most likely outcome is repair, either by yourself or by a professional. You’ll only be able to perform software troubleshooting if your phone powers on, or if it’s responsive. If the device won’t turn off or respond to any hardware button combination, you may have a messed motherboard in the least. Try to see if you can restart the phone to Download mode, and, if it does, can a computer detect it. If your S6 does boot to Odin or Download mode and a PC can work on it, you may be able to fix the problem by flashing the bootloader and/or firmware. We’ve prepared a generic way on how to flash a bootloader but the exact steps may be slightly different for your phone model. Below are the steps:

  1. Look for the correct firmware for your phone model and download it. Make sure that you select the right one. It should be the same exact firmware that ran previously on your device. We assume that you list down the firmware version somewhere. If you did not take note of it before, there’s a chance that you may pick the wrong one. As you may know now, using an incorrect firmware can cause complications so good luck with that.
  2. Let’s now say that you have identified the correct firmware. You then want to download it to your computer. The firmware file should have a bunch of files in it like AP_, BL_, CSC_, etc.
  3. Look for the file that starts with a label BL; this should be the corresponding bootloader file for this firmware. Once you’ve identified the bootloader file, copy it to your computer’s desktop or to any other folder that you can easily access.
  4. Proceed with the rest of the flashing procedure using the Odin program.
  5. In Odin, click on the BL tab and make sure to use the bootloader file you’ve identified earlier.
  6. Now, make sure that the “Device Added” status and its “ID:COM box” has turned blue before hitting the START button. This will initiate the flashing of your phone’s bootloader.
  7. Restart the phone once the procedure is finished.

The steps above are purely for demonstration purposes only. Be sure to do more research on how to flash the bootloader or firmware on your specific device. Keep in mind that any mistake in flashing can have serious repercussion and can completely brick your phone.

If your device remains unresponsive and flashing its bootloader or firmware won’t help, send it in for repair.

Problem 2: Galaxy S6 edge turns off by itself

Hi. My Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus is getting switched off automatically. When i switch it on then it comes till main screen and goes off again. When i connect it with charger then it is working perfectly fine, but as soon as I remove the power cable it goes off again.

Battery shows fully charged still it is getting switched off. I have tried factory reset but still same problem. I have taken my phone to Samsung service center here in Singapore, expecting that it may be issue with battery. But the representative at the counter told me that motherboard needs to be replaced and it will cost half the price of the phone. Since warranty is already expired, so i came back. Please suggest if this really looks like the motherboard issue or I can try replacing battery on my on. — Chouhan.indrajeet21

Solution: Hi Chouhan.indrajeet21. If Samsung did check the battery and found it to be working normally, then yes, the motherboard is most probably malfunctioning. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of components in the motherboard and even if one is to go bad, it can seriously affect other components, resulting to system failure.

If you don’t think Samsung did check the battery, you can replace it yourself. There are a lot videos and guides in the internet that you can use to replace the battery in your S6. it takes some basic electronics knowledge though as the battery is integrated to the main board. Try to check some videos on how to do the procedure first and see if you can follow the steps. If you think you can manage, that’s the time that you look for a store where you can buy a new battery and tools.

Bear in mind that some do-it-yourself (DIY) videos may appear easy to do. Most of them yes. However, if you are new to electronics or if it’s your first time to take your phone apart, even simple steps may be overwhelming at first. For example, you may have to spend some time practicing on your soldering skills so that you can properly do it when you’ll actually put in the new replacement battery.

Also, battery replacement in this case won’t guarantee that you’ll be able to fix the problem. Battery replacement will, naturally, deal with a bad battery only. If the main reason is a totally different component in the motherboard like the power management IC, you’ll still end up with a broken device.

Problem 3: Galaxy S6 from UAE won’t update to Android Nougat when used in India

My S6 edge is from UAE and I am currently using it in India. The problem is it won’t update to Android Nougat. The phone is perfectly fine, nothing is done on the phone like root or any anything. It’s just as it is out of the box. So I want you to help me update my phone to Nougat. Model no: SM-G925F. — Hardeep Singh Anand

Solution: Hi Hardeep. If your S6 is branded by a carrier in UAE, which means that it was built for a particular network in that country, you may not be able to install the latest Android version to it at this time unless Samsung does it for you. As far as we know, SM-G925F is a global/international version of the S6, which means that it doesn’t run any carrier-specific firmware. We can’t say this for sure though so there are two options for you on how to update it.

One is by checking if there’s an available update for the device via Smart Switch. If you have a computer, install Samsung Smart Switch app to it and see if it will update your S6.

Your other option is by flashing the ROM with either an official firmware or custom version. Providing a guide about flashing is beyond the scope of this article so you have to do some research on your own about the subject.

Problem 4: Galaxy S6 dm-verity verification failed error after failed flashing procedure

Hi. I tried to install a custom ROM a while back and bricked my phone. It’s got the “dm-verity verification failed…Need to check DRK first…” problem. I took it to a repair shop in Cerritos and they tried for a couple of hours to fix it but couldn’t. Can I bring my phone to you in person for a repair? I live in Long Beach. Thanks! — Kale Stiles

Solution: Hi Kale. We don’t service hardware and we don’t have a physical store where you can bring your device to. We suggest that you try to visit our partner site instead and see if you can find a good service center near you.

If you’ve already tried to reflash the bootloader before contacting us, your case will most probably end up with a motherboard replacement. This type of service is expensive and may not even be practical so it’s up to you if you’ll go with it. We would recommend against it though as it will most likely cost you at least $200 bucks. If you can’t buy a brand new phone at this time though, this can be the best option for you.


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