Earn $5 to Download The Best Mobile Shopping App

On July 12th, Amazon’s second annual Prime Day almost broke the internet.  74% of all online purchase on that day happened on Amazon.  Even on a typical day, Amazon owns roughly 38% of all online shopping dollars.  Of that massive online shopping volume, an estimated 60% to 70% of Amazon customers made their purchase on their mobile device.  A big reason for Amazon’s mobile shopping success is due to their user friendly Amazon Shopping app.  Consider that Amazon Shopping app is downloaded on about 36% of all U.S. Android devices, far ahead of second place eBay’s 17.5%, it is definitely an app you want to download if you have not already.

If the shear stats does not entice you to use the Amazon Shopping app, perhaps free money to shop will.  To promote their online shopping app, Amazon is offering new users a $5 coupon to download and shop on their mobile device if you sign up via a referral code.  Even though it is not a cash offer, lets face it, $5 in Amazon coupon is just as good as cash.  You can shop for just about anything you can think of on Amazon.

How to Get the Referral $5 Coupon Bonus

  1. First make sure you are reading this article on your phone, since the bonus is for mobile app users.
  2. You would need to download the app here. (or go to thedroidguy.com/amazonapp)
  3. Proceed with the app download (step 1 on the screen) if you do not already have the app, skip this step if you already have the app.
  4. Select “Step 2: Claim Code“, follow the instructions from there.

Referral Bonus Eligibility

To be eligible for this bonus, you would have to purchase at least$10 worth during checkout.  After the purchase, you will receive a text notifying you of your $5 coupon.  The $5 would go toward your next purchase and applied at the next checkout.

This bonus only applies to people who have not used the Amazon Shopping app in the previous 12 months.  So if you are already an active user of this app, you would not be eligible for this bonus.

Did this bonus work for you?