Draw Something Re-Review

Available On: Android, iOS

Price; Free, Micro transactions

Download: Google Play | iTunes

I’ve reviewed Draw Something in the past, but since then I’ve been able to get a Samsung Galaxy Note II, which comes with the S-Pen. It turns out that the S-Pen works extraordinarily well with Draw Something, and actually makes the game insanely easier to play. I get a bit frustrated when I can’t reach perfection with drawings on Draw Something, or even with drawing in general. Having a stylus or S-Pen to help you along the way with Draw Something is insanely useful. You know those smudges you would always get in your drawing because your hand shook? Those are easily avoided using a stylus/S-Pen.

To bring you up to speed as to what Draw Something is, it’s essentially a social game that you can play with your friends on Facebook or via e-mail. You can also play with random players out in cyberspace by creating a username as well. Draw Something is nothing competitive. You simply choose a word and then draw a image of that word for the other player to guess. The other player will then receive that drawing and will have to guess what it is. If they can’t guess, they can simply press the pass button, which will restart all of the turns back to 1 (e.g. if you have 100 turns, and someone passes, it goes back to 1). It’s a fun little casual game to pass the time away.

After having used the S-Pen with Draw Something, I was definitely encouraged to play the game more and most of all my problems were almost fixed when I started using the S-Pen to draw. My only beef with the app now is the fact that it’s owned by Zynga. As a result of that, we probably won’t be seeing any new creative ideas added to the app. Instead, Draw Something will turn into a cash cow with little to no substance behind the app itself. That sums up most of Zynga’s games right there.

Like I said, I’ve found a new appreciation for Draw Something after using the S-Pen. The app would work just as well with a regular stylus, but the S-Pen is what I happened to have on hand. To anyone that hasn’t found much appeal with the app or has been overly frustrated due to the perfection lacking in your drawings, I honestly suggest trying to pick up a stylus. If you decide to get a Galaxy Note device, an S-Pen will work just as well as a stylus does.

Draw Something is a free game (with quite a few micro transactions) that is available on both iOS and Android. You can pick it up right now by hitting one of the links that we’ve listed above. After you’ve given the app a try, make sure to let us know what you think of it with a stylus in-hand. I’d like to know if I’m not the only one who thought it was a bit lacking when just using your finger.


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  1. I agree…once I got the Note II Draw Something became a much more enjoyable game a stylus makes all the difference!

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