AT&T Sells 6.4 million smartphones in third quarter of 2012

Leading wireless service provider AT&T reportedly sold 6.4 million units of smartphone in the third quarter and is on pace of breaking its projected sales by the end of the year, the company announced this week.

AT&T’s mobility arm CEO Ralph De La Vega said the carrier is experiencing a solid year in business as it expected to sell 1 million more than the projected sales of 25 million smartphones in 2012.

“What we’re seeing is tremendous response in the marketplace,” Vega said at an investor conference on Tuesday. “Excitement is at all time high. I feel very good about momentum going into December.”

De La Vega is expecting sales to further skyrocket up in the succeeding weeks, especially on key dates during the Holiday season. The AT&T executive said it has already sufficient supply of iPhones and improved its inventory of Nokia Lumia 920 and LG Optimus G.

The carrier is also anticipating its tablet sales to go up with its recent $100 promotions and mobie data share plan. Moreover, it has all three operating systems on their tablets: Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Windows RT, Kindle Fire HD, and Apple’s iPad.

“I can’t fathom how many tablets will be under the Christmas tree,” said an optimistic De La Vega about AT&T potentially big sales of tablets this Holiday season.

Aside from its mobile arm, De la Vega also tackled growth in other business areas such home security and mobile payments. The carrier is set to release its home security and automation service in 2013. These products will be available at its stores and selected distribution outlets.

AT&T home security business values roughly $18 million with operating margings of 35 to 40 percent range. De la Vega added that more profits are expected from this industry due to the company’s lower cost structure.

“We like what we see,” he said. “But we’re still in the early stages of development.”