3 Replies to “How to add Samsung, Google, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync accounts on your Samsung Galaxy Note8 [Tutorials]”

  1. I am having this very same issue as well. I have been trying for a week to get my company email set up, but without an ounce of luck. It times out when trying to connect to the server. Same thing no matter how many times I’ve tried.

  2. I too have found it impossible to setup an Exchange Activesync account on the Note 8 (an Office365 Business Essentials email account) – the autodiscovery process used when the email address and password are entered result in a certificate problem and manual setup results in failure to authenticate with credentials successfully used on a Galaxy S5. Not sure if this is a Note 8 issue or an Android 7.1.1 issue – any feedback appreciated.

  3. I cannot set up a Microsoft Exchange Activesync account on my Note 8. It just hangs after I put in the address and password

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