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5 Best Screen Protectors For Google Pixel 2 XL

The Google Pixel 2 XL costs quite a bit of money — in fact, depending on the storage size you choose and the warranty options you go for, you can spend well over $1000 on it. That’s certainly not something you want to be ruining. You especially don’t want to be scratching up the screen with the coins, keys and other items in your pocket. That’s why it’s good to not only keep a case on your phone, but a screen protector as well. Head over to our article on finding a perfect case for your phone, and also check out our favorite screen protectors to keep your display in tip top shape below!

Best Screen Protector

Elebase Screen Protector

Elebase offers a tempered glass screen protector for the Google Pixel 2 XL. This is one of the best screen protectors to go with, because they’re able to absorb a lot of damages — scratches, nicks, scuffs, cracks — you name it! They’re so worth the investment just because these tempered glass protectors are so often able to protect your smartphone screen from getting cracked — the tempered glass always takes the brunt of the damage. It also has self-healing technology on the top film, which works to eliminate small scratches and scuffs within the screen protector itself.

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Coolpow Protector

Coolpow also offers its own tempered glass screen protector. Made with a hardness of 9H, this screen protector is able to take quite a beating — it’ll keep your Google Pixel 2 XL’s screen looking brand new by taking the brunt of everyday damages — scratches, scuffs, you name it! In fact, you could even take a knife directly to the protector and it would still hold up and stay in one piece.

It has a coating on it that will keep your phone protected against sweat and oils so that your phone’s touchscreen stays super responsive. The tempered glass screen protector is actually very transparent, making it appear that you’re looking at your phone without a screen protector on! You cannot go wrong with the screen protector by Coolpow.

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Armorsuit MilitaryShield

If you’re not into the texture or thickness of a tempered glass screen protector, you might want to try a traditional film screen protector by Armorsuit MilitaryShield. This screen protector keeps your screen looking ultra clear, all while absorbing scratches, scuffs and nicks. It won’t be able to protect against more extreme cases, such as serious cracks, but it will absorb most of the everyday damage that we put our phones through. The nice thing about the Armorsuit MilitaryShield is that they offer a lifetime guarantee, sending you out a replacement in the event that you break your current screen protector or if it’s simply time for a replacement.

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AMOVO Screen Protector

Next, we have the AMOVO Screen Protector. This is a 2-pack screen protector that is an exact fit for your Google Pixel 2 XL. It’ll absorb all of the everyday abuse we put our phones through. It should protect your phone against more extreme damage too since it’s a tempered glass protector. This protector is completely transparent, so you should still be able to enjoy entertainment on your phone as if nothing was placed over the screen — it’s a crystal clear screen protector. Check ’em out below.

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FidDigital Screen Protector

Last up on our list is the FidDigital Screen Protector. This is a Tempered Glass Screen Protector that was specifically designed for the Google Pixel 2 XL and should fit 100% of your display. Just like the other protectors on this list, it will keep your expensive phone safe from any normal damages as well as more extreme ones like a cracked screen. It’s highly durable, scratch resistant and should be bubble-free if you follow the application instructions that come with the protector. It’s ultra-thin, coming in at only 0.26mm thick, so you should be able to still get great touchscreen sensitivity out of this protector.

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So, which screen protector should you pick up for your Google Pixel 2 XL? Any of the tempered glass screen protectors on the list are the ones to go for. It’ll give your Google Pixel 2 XL just a little more protection than what the average film can offer. And if you’re buying a $1000 phone, you’re going to want the best protection available for it — it’s certainly something that you do not want to risk breaking, scratching or cracking! For those that prefer the traditional film screen protector, the Armorsuit MilitaryShield will be able to keep your phone protected from everyday abuse.

Best Screen Protector

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