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5 Best Family Phone Plans in 2019

Given the amount of plans and networks that are in circulation today, it can be quite difficult to get a handle on which plans are best for you. This is more the case if you’re part of a family and would like to buy a plan that suits everyone. However, the plans offered by some of the top carriers have been popular for a reason. They offer the best bang for the buck.

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We also have to consider the fact that network compatibility is also a major concern for customers choosing a particular carrier. So taking all these things into consideration, we’ve managed to compile a list of family phone plans in 2018 that can offer the best bang for the buck. This will certainly make the job easier for you and finally decide on that family plan that you’ve been waiting for.

5 Best Family Phone Plans

Project Fi

This might be an unconventional choice at the top for many users, but Project Fi comes with amazing international plans. As someone who travels ever so often, a network like Project Fi is hard to beat. Their prices are incredibly competitive, and I would go as far as to say that no other carrier comes close. If you’re going to use data internationally, Project Fi will only charge $10 per 1GB of data, which is negligible compared to the prices levied by other carriers.

Another important feature of Project Fi is reimbursement of the unused data. Say for example your family is on a 5GB plan, and if you only use 2GB, Google will credit the amount for the 3GB in the next cycle. That’s pretty amazing and almost unheard of in a time when carriers seldom care about user experience. You can pick the unlimited calling and texting option for four people at $65 per month, making this an incredibly attractive offering. This, when combined with the data plans that you can choose every month, makes for a thoroughly enjoyable network experience.

Verizon Wireless Go Unlimited

Verizon is number one in the U.S. for a reason. While competitors offer better rates, if you’re looking for the best network coverage in the U.S., you won’t find a carrier better than Verizon. Sure, its rates are not exactly on par with the competition (especially T-Mobile), but it’s catching up quickly to its competition pretty quickly. Its plans start at $40 per month for four members ($160) which offers DVD quality streaming, and unlimited texts/calls. The Beyond Unlimited plan, however, costs $50 per month per line ($200 for four lines), and offers 720p video streaming (1080p on tablets and hotspot devices), making it the more appealing option of the lot.

Since Verizon has a wider network in place, you shouldn’t have a problem streaming from your favorite providers on the go or at your leisure. Even though Verizon charges slightly more than other carriers, customers can go with the carrier for its network connectivity alone. After all, the network connectivity and latency of your data connection matters more than the price, don’t you think?

T-Mobile One

If you’re looking for a truly unlimited offering with in-flight texting and several other perks when you’re traveling abroad, T-Mobile One has to be your choice. The plan also offers unlimited in-flight WiFi on Gogo enabled flights. You can even add a tablet for an additional $20 per month, allowing you to have unlimited data across all your connected devices.

The pricing for T-Mobile One starts at $140 per month for four lines and $140 per month for a family of three. Naturally, a family of four is bound to get more benefits and bang for the buck as they’re paying the same price as a family of three. The plan also offers unlimited streaming (capped to 480p) as well as unlimited mobile hotspot. Oh, and there’s a free Netflix subscription up for grabs as well. So if you’ve been waiting to get in on some of that streaming goodness, T-Mobile One might be suited for you. As usual, coverage in your area will determine the kind of service you will get, so be sure to check with the provider for more details.

Boost Mobile

So you don’t have a big family and you see all these providers offering plans for three, four or more people. Boost Mobile has the best plan for a family of two, starting at $60. With this plan, a couple gets unlimited minutes, texts, HD streaming (goes up to 1080p), and 20GB mobile hotspot per month. This, in addition to the fact that Boost runs on Sprint’s networks, means that you get a pretty decent coverage across the U.S. With the Boost Dealz app, you can opt to receive video ads in return for discounts amounting to a few dollars. This can come in handy to cut down your monthly bills even further. Those interested can also add other services like BoostTV for live programming and a bevy of international roaming packs.

If you’re looking for a compact and no frills network arrangement for two people, Boost Mobile’s unlimited plan has you covered.

Sprint Unlimited Freedom

Sprint’s subsidiary Boost Mobile features on this list, so it’s only natural that Sprint makes an entry as well. The carrier offers unlimited HD streaming, texts and calls. Users can automatically get 1080p streaming speeds at no extra cost, which is incredibly generous of the carrier and quite a rarity in the industry. You can get one line for $60 and add another line for $40. Any additional lines (up to 5) can be added at $30 a pop. If you’re a Samsung or Apple aficionado, you can access the carrier’s yearly upgrade plan, allowing you to get your hands on the year’s flagship as soon as they’re launched. These plans are known as Galaxy Forever and iPhone Forever respectively.

Adding to these attractive perks is a zero cost subscription to Hulu Limited Commercials. But as is the case with some of the other carriers, we recommend users to check network compatibility before joining the carrier.

Interested in switching to Google Project Fi unlimited data plan?

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