5 Best Coupon Apps For Android In 2019

Coupons help you get the best deals on products that you shop online or at stores. The concept started several years ago but isn’t as relevant as it is now. There are coupons for practically everything today, allowing you to save that extra dollar or two on the product of your choice. Keeping this in mind, it’s important that every online shopper or customer needs to be aware of the benefits of coupons.

But where do you get these coupons without shelling out a bunch of money in advance? Well, practically anywhere on the internet. But if even that’s too much work for you, there are dedicated coupon apps that help you get the best deals on a particular retailer or a store whenever you want. The deals are updated almost every day, so you can be assured of getting the best prices and offers on products. This again, is a bit of a problem as there are literally hundreds of applications out there.

To make your lives easier, we’re coming up with a list of five best coupon apps for your Android smartphone or tablet. Bear in mind that these are all available for free, as the developers generate revenues through other channels. So without wasting any time, let’s have a look at some of the best coupon apps for Android.


This award winning app has you covered if you’re contemplating the purchase of a new product, or simply looking to eat at your favorite restaurant. It has been around for quite a while, and its app is one of the best that we could come across. It’s no doubt the first coupon app that comes to mind along with Groupon when we talk about using coupons for products or other purchases.

The app includes deals from some of the biggest retailers like Amazon, Kohl’s, Target and a bunch of others. So you’re basically covered if you want to get a deal from some of the big names in the industry. You can even set alerts for your favorite deal so that you never miss one.

It’s a free app and is devoid of any ads, so customers are getting a pretty streamlined experience from this offering. Be sure to check it out from the Google Play Store today. The app has already seen nearly 50 million downloads, so you are in very good company here.


Yet another popular coupon app and highly rated by the community, Groupon has retailer specific coupons and deals to attract new buyers. The company offers a multitude of deals on a variety of products, including services like spa treatments, gym memberships and much more. This diverse collection of deals and more, gives Groupon a leg up over the competition. You can also purchase vouchers to receive further discounts and benefits from retailers.

The app has been around for quite some time, and comes highly recommended for users who binge shop very frequently. But the idea that you might have to spend money to save money will probably not go down well with all the customers, however.

The app has received a consistent rating of 4.5 on the Google Play Store, and is a very popular app with nearly 100 million downloads as of now. We highly recommend shoppers to try out Groupon right away.

Krazy Coupon Lady

This app is pretty popular on its own, which is commendable given the kind of competition that coupon apps face from the likes of Groupon and Retail Me Not. It’s a basic coupon app that lets you avail attractive discounts on a number of products out there. It may not be the most popular app when compared to its rivals, but it will still get the job done.

Using geolocation, the app can find deals from Target, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, Costco, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Whole Foods, and Publix. The deals are recurring, so you will be updated with all the latest deals available from the retailers. Not all deals are going to save you a ton of money, but you’re still saving some dough here.

The app comes with ads, which might get in the way sometimes. But this is a small price to pay for an application that offers you innumerable discounts on products and services from a variety of retailers in the U.S. Check out Krazy Coupon Lady from the Play Store right away.


SnipSnap is much like any other coupon app and it lets you save a lot when making purchases online or at a store. In addition to saving money using conventional coupons, you can also scan QR codes at shopping outlets and avail attractive discounts on your bills directly. This provides a more direct approach towards discounts, and makes the app pretty unique. Although a handful of apps are catching up with this feature, SnipSnap remains one of the popular services to offer this by default.

The app has a pretty nifty user interface in place as well, allowing you to navigate conveniently and filter your deals based on a particular retailer. It’s a free app, although it comes with ads. The app is compatible with devices running Android 4.3 and up.

Coupon Sherpa

This can be considered to be an alternative to the Krazy Coupon Lady app as it serves a similar purpose. You get to filter your deals based on your location, with a myriad of retailers to choose from. You will need internet access on your device to access these deals, however. The app requires a bunch of permissions, which the developer has explained in great detail on the app description. Some features might not work perfectly without any of these permissions, so be sure to grant them all (only after knowing what they’re for).

Coupon Sherpa supports a large number of retailers across the U.S., so customers can be assured of finding their favorite store on the app. It has already seen nearly a million installs, so it’s pretty popular in the deals community. It comes with ads, although it shouldn’t get in the way of your browsing too much.