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5 Best Apps to Send Money to Family or Friends For Free or Small Fees

Digital payments have come a long way since it was first launched several years ago. While the transactions were historically limited to bank transfers and/or credit cards, we have multiple new currencies in the fray now. Known as a cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin being one of the most popular digital currencies today, this offers users the ability to make payments to a party directly without the mediation of banks or any other authority. This is precisely why these payment methods have come under fire from the authorities as they’re practically impossible to track in most situations. Taking these factors into account, Bitcoin is known as the world’s first decentralized currency. But Bitcoin is not the only form of digital payment that a user can make. There are apps like PayPal which lets you hook up your bank account and send money to other PayPal addresses over the world for a nominal fee.

5 best apps to send money to family or friends for free or small fees


Venmo is an easy to use and free to download app that allows you to send and receive money from your friends and family from all over the world. You can hook up your credit card or bank account details to send money conveniently. The app charges a 3% fee for every transaction, which is pretty decent compared to the likes of PayPal and other offerings. The app comes with a high-end security system, one that is used by most banks around the world. Keeping this in mind, you don’t have to worry about compromising your account credentials.

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. It adds a bit of a social touch to the transactions with the ability to request money while splitting an existing bill. The app can be used to share your expenses from a trip or if you went out for a drink with your buddies. The ability to add emoji and messages to your transactions makes this a fun to use app for anyone. While payment apps are usually pretty straight forward and do exactly what they’re supposed to, Venmo takes it a step further. The app is a hot favorite with college students right now who split most of their expenses with their peers. But it’s not just limited to the students, and practically anyone can use it. Be sure to check it out.


Coinbase is one of the most popular apps to make Bitcoin-based transactions on the web. While many users preferred Circle for Bitcoin exchange, the company no longer supports Bitcoin and has transitioned into a Venmo-like service. Circle also offered a miserly 1% fee on transactions, which is what led users to embrace that in favor of Coinbase. But as it stands, Coinbase is the only easy-to-use Bitcoin exchange service available out there, so we’re only going to discuss that.

Buying or selling Bitcoin on Coinbase is pretty easy and only takes a couple of steps. If you want to buy Bitcoin, you simply have to head over to the company’s dedicated “Sells” page, enter the amount that you want to add, enter the details of your Bitcoin wallet, select the payment method and add the Bitcoin to your wallet. Cashing out is equally simple as well, and you will have to head over to the Sells page again, enter the amount that you want to sell, enter the details of the wallet where you want the Bitcoins to be sold from, enter the account where you want it credited and sell. That’s pretty much it. There are dedicated iOS and Android apps for Coinbase and Circle, so you can try them out right away if you’re interested.


One of the most popular digital money transfer services in the world, PayPal is used by millions of users around the world for international transactions. It’s the preferred form of payments by a series of vendors, mostly due to the security it offers. You can request payments from a friend or merchant when you desire, making it easier to let people know when they owe you money. There’s also the ability to create professional invoices towards services offered by a particular user. Overall, PayPal is one of the most professional money transfer apps used in the world today.

It is a free to use service, but there will be transaction fees charged to you whenever you receive payments. It’s mostly borne by the receiver and differs from country to country. It also takes slightly longer to receive payment. These are small caveats in an otherwise stellar payments service application. Be sure to check it out from the Google Play Store. There’s an iPhone app for PayPal as well.

Facebook Messenger

Known mostly as a chat application, Facebook Messenger now lets you send or receive money directly from the app. This is only possible in the U.S. for now, but we can’t rule out the possibility of more countries being added to the list soon. Sending money to your contact is pretty easy as you simply have to tap the $ sign on the conversation or press the additional options menu to see this marker. Following this, it’s as simple as hooking up your credit or debit card with Messenger and typing the desired amount that you would like to pay.

It’s quite interesting that Facebook Messenger has transitioned from a messaging app to a payments service. This is a clever move by the company given the number of users that access the service on a daily basis. However, the fact that it’s only used by a handful of customers right now is somewhat disappointing. But we’re very hopeful that Facebook’s ambitions won’t be limited to the U.S. But we’re also mindful of the challenges that the company will face in bringing this payments service to other parts of the world. Facebook Messenger is a free download from the Google Play Store, and it’s easy to sign up to if you’re not an existing user of Facebook.

Chase QuickPay

This is yet another convenient service, allowing you to send and receive money through a variety of bank accounts in the U.S. Thanks to the QuickPay feature on the app, you don’t necessary have to be a Chase customer to send money to your loved ones. You’ll simply have to enter a valid email address to get started with this particular app. This feature makes it easily accessible to a variety of customers around the country, and not just to Chase customers. In addition to sending money to your friends and family, you can also contact Chase for information on loans and other banking services right from the app. So Chase QuickPay serves multiple purposes for the customers.

If you’re struggling to find an ATM around you, Chase QuickPay has you covered in this area as well. Overall, this is a highly functional app that we recommend every customer to have. While apps like PayPal and Venmo are preferred by the users, this particular app makes a lot of sense if you have an account with Chase. To get started, you just have to enroll using the app. Existing customers can easily sign in from the app. Chase QuickPay is a free download from the Google Play Store, and we suggest you check it out.

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