5 Best Android Apps For Chromebook in 2019

The Google Chromebook has come a long way since it was released a few years ago. Launched as an affordable cloud based alternative for standard notebooks, the Chromebook is light, fast and easy to use. Earlier this year, Google announced support for Android apps with Chromebook, making it a much more efficient platform. The company mentioned that every new Chromebook will come with support for Android apps. Pretty much every Android app will work with the Google Chromebook, which makes it a key feature on the platform. But which Android apps should you get? We have a detailed look at some of the Android apps available for Chromebook. We have picked some of the popular apps available for the platform. Be advised that there are a handful of other apps available for the Chromebook which are worth trying as well.

You basically have to head over to the Play Store on your Chromebook and do the rest as you would do on a standard Android device. It must be noted that Google doesn’t officially support all Chromebooks right now, so it could help to contact your manufacturer beforehand to get a better understanding of the hardware compatibility.

5 Best Android Apps For Chromebook in 2017


One of the most popular streaming services available in the world right now, Netflix is supported by the Chromebook. Given the fact that a standard Chromebook comes with a big display on board, watching media content will be a thoroughly enjoyable experience for everyone involved. If you’ve used Netflix on a mobile device before, the user interface will be familiar. Naturally, getting Netflix means you’ll need a subscription, so make sure you have that covered before proceeding.

With Netflix, you get access to a wide range of content. There are a bunch of Netflix Original TV Shows and movies which you won’t find elsewhere, making it one of the best streaming services available right now. Sure, there are some other streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, but Netflix wins hands down for the kind of content it offers. Shows are updated every year, so you have more content to watch. Besides, Netflix adds more content every year, which is always a good thing. Be sure to check out Netflix from the Google Play Store.


This might not be perfectly suited for every Chromebook user, but is a worthy addition on this list nevertheless. Quik is a video editing app which lets you create short clips out of the videos you have. Since Chromebooks mostly store content on the cloud, it makes sense to use an external storage device to create personalized content. There are multiple video styles to choose from, allowing you to get better control over customizations. What makes this excellent is the fact that it also comes with the ability to add music to your videos. Quik offers up to 80 songs for free, but you can choose to use the songs you already have in your library. Music will sync automatically with the videos, saving you the trouble of having to trim them manually. The manual option does exist, however.

If you record a lot of content on a GoPro, this app will come in handy. It doesn’t need high-end hardware to edit videos, which is a plus. The app comes from GoPro, so you can be assured of getting the best in terms of performance and features. Quik is a free to use application and comes with a plethora of features like the ones mentioned above. We highly recommend every Chromebook user to try it out.

Spotify Music

If you love listening to music, then it’s almost obvious that you’ve heard of Spotify. One of the biggest music streaming services in the world, Spotify caters to a large audience across the world. The streaming service boasts of an incredibly vast collection of music, allowing you to pick practically any genre. Although the service went through some legal troubles a while ago, things have normalized now.

Much like any other streaming service, Spotify requires a subscription as well. The paid version lets you listen to a selected number of tracks on a daily basis and comes with ads as well. The premium version gives you the liberty to stream and search for as many tracks as they want, all without ads. This tier will cost you $9.99 per month. Spotify also has a family option which will set you back by $29.99 for five members. This ends up being a lot more reasonable than the standard premium subscription. If you find the onboard options on a Chromebook uninteresting (Play Music), Spotify is definitely worth a try.


Snapchat needs no introduction. If you have used the social media platform for a while, chances are that you have heard of Snapchat at some point. The app offers the ability to send pictures with a timer, meaning these images will basically disappear forever after a few seconds. For the smart ones out there who take a screenshot, the app will automatically notify the user a screenshot was taken of his/her photo. The app has somewhat lost its marketshare with the emergence of Facebook and Instagram, although it remains wildly popular even today. Snapchat also comes with a slew of filters that change every now and then. It’s a free download from the Google Play Store.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is arguably one of the best mobile games made over the past decade or so. It’s not as popular as some of the other titles that break cover under big production houses, but Halfbrick Studios pulled an absolute gem out of its hat with this one. The game revolves around sword and fruits, with the user’s goal being to slice as many fruits as possible within a designated time period. This is not the only playing mode available, however, so there’s plenty you can choose from. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. There’s a paid version of the app with some extra features and no-ads. This is certainly worth a look considering what it brings to the table. Since the game is relatively older compared to the others, it won’t demand a lot from your Chromebook.