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How to watch live TV on Fire TV

Amazon’s Fire TV is an amazing device that can offer you media content options in abundance. While the Fire TV can do a lot in its relatively small exterior, it still has certain limitations. The lack of cable connectivity options by default is certainly one of those limitations. If you’re wondering why a user of a streaming box require a cable connection, well, cable is where all the live TV channels are. If you’re looking for news or sports, streaming services just won’t cut it. This is why you need access to at least some of the cable channels to keep yourself updated.

Amazon Fire TV

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Amazon Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD 69.99

Users will be pleased to know that there are options out there to help you play cable on the Fire TV. We’re going to talk about five such options today in an attempt to make your lives a whole lot easier. So without waiting further, let’s have a closer look at these apps. Bear in mind though, that just like you would pay for Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you also have to pay for some of these cable channels.

Skinny bundles of channels are offered by a multitude of services, which lets customers choose exactly what they want, rather than paying a hefty fee for an entire cable subscription. All the top cable companies are getting on board with these bundles, so there are no dearth of options right now.

How to watch live TV on Fire TV

Sling TV

This is Dish’s official entry into the skinny bundle space, and has been around for longer than any other competitor currently in the market. This offers you the ability to start with a base package for as low as $20, and you will then be required to add the package you desire. You can even get add-on channels à la carte, so you only pay for what you need. There are a variety of options to choose from, so you will probably find what’s best for you. Bundles are sorted by categories, so you won’t be left looking for what you want. There are sports, live news, and a whole bunch of other cable offerings available with Sling TV.

Sling TV 7 Day Free Trial

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Remember that the cheapest option possible with Sling TV is $20 per month. Depending on the channels and the package you end up choosing, you might have to pay significantly more on a monthly basis. However, given the kind of options and pricing on offer, it’s certainly cheaper than getting a full blown cable connection for your TV.

Playstation Vue

Although it sounds like a PlayStation exclusive service, Vue will work on Fire TV just fine. It comes with a series of options for the customers, with a variety of categories on offer. There are separate tiers of prices available with Vue to help customers make the right choice. It must be noted that Vue also comes with a DVR service, which is something that other offerings don’t provide. For this factor alone, you can comfortably choose this Sony offering over any of the rival offerings.

The Vue streaming service, in its cheapest form, will cost you $39.99 per month. This package, known as Access will come with more than 55 channels on board. There are more expensive packages available here, but that might not be suited for everyone. In an industry like this, choice is everything, and Sony’s offering has the customers covered in that regard. Given the fact that some cable companies dominate the cable space, offerings like PlayStation Vue often get overlooked. Be sure to check it out today.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is a service that came into existence in late 2016, so it’s relatively new in the industry. It was founded by AT&T, and is currently one of the best OTT (over-the-top) cable offerings available in the industry. Users of DirecTV will naturally be aware of the service, and might even prefer this over the other skinny bundle offerings. One thing to remember with these cable services is that it only comes down to a matter of preference, and to some extent, cost. So while each network has their own preferences, the user is bound to pick what works best for them.

If you’re interested in DirecTV, the cheapest option will set you back by $35.99 per month. Naturally, you’re free to add more channels as you please, although it will cost you significantly more. The beauty of these skinny bundles and à la carte services is that you simply have to pick what you want and pay for them. While big corporations were initially hesitant to offer these services, it’s good to see that the trend is changing now. If you’ve been a longstanding AT&T customer, we suggest you to check this out.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu is a service that offers a multitude of original content, including Emmy winning shows like The Handmaid’s Tale. But did you know that the streaming service also has a cable subscription service of its own. Much like the offerings we spoke about, users are supposed to pay for a bundle of channels.

The folks at Hulu don’t want to complicate things for the user and make it easy by only offering one bundle for $39.99. Most popular cable channels are included in this package, although some premium channels are not. You can add them on top of your package, although it is expected to cost you north of $50 eventually. But that’s not a bad option either, especially if you’re already paying for Hulu. This offering is Hulu’s way of keeping its customers on its network, even if they require cable offerings.

HD Antenna – Over the air broadcasts

This is perhaps the most simplest options of all, although it doesn’t come easy. You simply have to get an HD antenna from Amazon and connect it directly to your television. Post this, it’s as simple as switching to antenna mode from your television and letting the TV do the rest. This has no connections to the Fire TV itself, but Amazon is currently offering a bundle of the Fire TV along with the HD antenna (link here), which is worth considering if you haven’t invested in the Fire TV yet.

This HD antenna will catch broadcasts from providers like NBC and PBS directly on your television. These broadcasts vary from region to region, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see some of your favorite channels in your area. However, you can watch the majority of the local news, sports, and more live TV using this simple and cost effective option. The service won’t be as reliable as the offerings we mentioned above, but that could be worth the sacrifice for some customers.

Amazon Fire TV

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Amazon Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD 69.99

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