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VAVA Voom 20 IPX5 Splash-Proof Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Voom 20 is a new rugged Bluetooth speaker from VAVA, a company known for the VAVA Voom Bluetooth Speaker, which was awarded the Red Dot, the international distinction for high design quality. With such an excellent resume, the expectations are understandably high. In our in-depth review, we are putting VAVA’s new product to the test, to see if it can stand out in the already crowded portable Bluetooth speaker market.

Build and Design

The original Voom speaker had a distinct oval shape, which suggested that the device might feel most at home when placed on a table and left alone. The new Voom 20 ditches the sedentary look for a very modern, youthful appearance that begs you to take the speaker outside.

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At 1.53 pounds, the small Bluetooth speaker (7.6” x 2.8” x 2.5”) feels substantial and rugged. The rubberized surface gives you plenty of confidence when you hold the Voom 20 in your hand, and it definitely doesn’t hurt that the stealthy matte finish looks fantastic.

VAVA says that “music shouldn’t be limited to stuffy rooms,” and we couldn’t agree more. The IPX5 water-splash protection ensures that the Voom 20 is sufficiently protected against water sprayed at any direction. That means you can take the speaker with you to a beach or pool, or you can place it on your kitchen countertop when washing the dishes – all without worrying about water damage.

The top side of the speaker features your typical assortment of buttons: a power button, play/pause button that can also accept phone calls, and volume controls. There are also LED indicator lights to inform you about the current battery and Bluetooth status. All of these elements neatly blend with the smooth surface, while providing enough haptic feedback so that users always know that their actions have been properly registered.

On the back side, a small rubber cover protects the regular USB, microUSB, and aux ports against moisture and dust. To prevent the speaker from travelling on a slippery surface, there are four small rubber feet on the bottom.

Battery Life

The VAVA Voom 20 stands out because of its ability to double as a power bank. That’s because there’s a large 5200mAh lithium-ion battery on the inside, which can power the device for 10 hours of playback at 80% max volume or charge your smartphone to its maximum capacity via the 1A USB port.

With this feature, the Voom 20 is the perfect travel and camping companion for anyone who doesn’t enjoy carrying extra gear when one device could do it all. Yes, it’s true that, in terms of the charging speed, the 1A port doesn’t even come close to some of the more popular fast charging technologies, such as Quick Charge 3.0, but it’s still fast enough to help you in a pinch.

Sound Quality

The VAVA Voom 20 does a lot to deliver an enjoyable listening experience characterized by deep, rich bass. For starters, the metal mesh hides a pair of 8W speakers and two passive subwoofers for powerful sound. Like that wasn’t enough, the unit also comes with a dynamic bass equalizer that can intelligently change the sound signature and make it more appealing.

We are happy to say that the VAVA Voom 20 sounds great. When used indoors, the bass may, at times, seem a bit overwhelming, but wait until you take the device outside; the speaker instantly comes to life and its wide dynamic range starts to shine. The sound is definitely fine-tuned for contemporary music genres, but it can also handle anything else you throw at it.

But no Bluetooth device can be judged solely based on how well it can reproduce music. The other part of the equation is connectivity. The VAVA Voom 20 features Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX digital audio data reduction technology for CD-like quality audio delivered wirelessly over Bluetooth. A nice bonus is the presence of NFC technology for simplified pairing.

When used with a modern smartphone that supports all the aforementioned technologies, the Voom 20’s signal strength and audio quality are matched only by a handful of Bluetooth speakers, most of which cost twice as much or don’t come with IPX5 splash-proof rating. On top of it all, this feature-packed Bluetooth speaker supports dual-pairing. With it, two smartphones can be connected to the speaker at the same time and take turns to play music – a great thing for parties.

If we had to really nitpick, we would say that the Voom 20 could use a small volume boost. The speaker is plenty loud for indoor use, but when you take it outside, it’s not hard to hit the volume limit. Still, it’s much better to have a clear sound throughout than having to deal with distortion at higher volume levels.

What’s in the Box

The packaging hides a stylish envelope with a lifetime warranty and user manual. There’s also a 3.5mm male-male audio cable for the AUX port, microUSB cable for charging and useful fabric pouch for protection.


  • Excellent connectivity
  • IPX5 rated
  • The ability to pair two devices
  • Enjoyable, bass-heavy sound
  • Long battery life
  • Can double as a power bank


  • Lower volume

VAVA Voom 20 Link Brand Link Price on
Vava VAVA Voom 20 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers 69.99


When compared to other Bluetooth speakers in the sub-$100 price range, the VAVA Voom 20 passes with flying colors. If you also take into consideration the remarkable lifetime warranty and 180-days money-back guarantee, you are looking at one of the best deals of this year.

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