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SmartOmi Boots Bluetooth Earbuds IPX7 Waterproof Headset Review

Have you noticed that most wireless in-ear headphones actually do come with a wire? We are talking about the often annoying cable that connects both ear pieces together, dangling behind your head and bouncing up and down with your every move. With lower-end headphones, the shocks that occur as the cable hits the back of your neck can resonate all the way to your ears, making you painfully aware that the promise of completely wireless listening is yet to be fully realized.

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That is, until now. The SmartOmi Boots Bluetooth earbuds are fully wireless in-ear headphones that can be used either individually or in a pair. It’s even possible to pair each earbud with a different smartphone, allowing you to share them with your spouse or workout partner. Really, with such a versatile design, the SmartOmi Boots are suited for anything from music listening to sports, driving, fishing, studying, and even gaming.

Design and Build

The official product description refers to the color of the headphones as “titanium gray,” but, according to our own eyes, it’s much closer to black than gray. The back of the headphones has a metallic color, and the two earbuds are differentiated only by the color of their eartips – one being green and the other one being red. It would be really handy to have the earbuds marked with letters, as you see on most other headphones. You will eventually remember which color stands for which channel, but it won’t be without a few frustrating moments.

One earbud weighs only 0.155 oz., making it pleasantly lightweight and comfortable even when worn for an extended period of time. The headphones come with equally snug earhooks, which gently rest upon the inner part of your ears, providing safety and stability for various sports activities. Our initial reluctance to run with the headphones was quickly replaced with a newfound confidence in their ability to stay in place and not fall down on the ground.

As an IPX7-rated device, the SmartOmi Boots Bluetooth earbuds should be able to survive complete immersion in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. This doesn’t make them suitable for swimmers, but it does guarantee that dropping them into a pond of water or using them in heavy rain won’t cause any damage. And that’s a great thing because the SmartOmi are fantastic for the gym – a place overflowing with testosterone-infused sweat.

The headphones are controlled with a convenient side button that can be used to change the volume and put the headphones into the pairing mode. Unfortunately, designers of the SmartOmi failed to find a more convenient way how to decrease the volume, other than forcing you to cycle through the entire volume range, quite possibly becoming deaf in the process. As such, it’s much better to just take the smartphone out and change the volume using its controls.

The battery life hovers around 5 hours, depending on how loud or quiet you enjoy your music. 5 hours won’t win the SmartOmi any awards, but it’s enough to get you through 2-3 consecutive workouts without charging. When you finally deplete the battery power, you have to wait roughly 2 hours to charge it to its maximum capacity. The good news is that the headphones come with an automatic power-off feature, which turns them off after 5 minutes of no connectivity.

Sound Quality

SmartOmi have no qualms about the fact that the convenient design is the main reason why customers are likely to choose the Boots over more traditional Bluetooth headphones. That makes their excellent sound quality that much more surprising. The headphones connect to mobile devices using the latest Bluetooth standard, Bluetooth 4.1, which gets rid of all audible signs of audio compression. Indeed, it’s unlikely that anyone except for trained musicians with absolutely perfect hearing would be able to tell the difference when compared to wired headphones.

The sound is rich, detailed, and has that warm coloring that makes certain headphones such a pleasure to listen to.  Even though we have much more expensive headphones at our disposal, we have found ourselves constantly switching back to the SmartOmi Boots.

The bass is punchy, hard-hitting, but also well-mannered. It never forces its way into other parts of the audio spectrum, making the headphones suitable even for serious listeners who have developed the ear for how a good pair of headphones should sound like.

A nice great extra benefit stemming from the relatively deep fit of the headphones is their ability to mute outside noise. While they certainly don’t reach the same noise attenuation as active noise canceling headphones, they do great for general office use or on-the-go music listening.

Built directly into the headphones is a small but able microphone for hands-free phone calls. The microphone really shines when only one wireless earbud is used, as it essentially transforms it into a headset.

What’s in the Box

The SmartOmi Boots come with two sets of eartips (one large and one small), three sets of earhooks, headset case that doubles as a charging station, micro USB cable, and brief user manual.


  • IPX7 waterproof (can use in the shower)
  • Option to use only one earbud (perfect for driving) or both earbuds
  • Include microphone to use as bluetooth headset for phone calls
  • Stable Bluetooth connection
  • Good sound quality
  • Decent battery life and fast charging
  • Comfortable, small, and lightweight
  • Retails for $72.99


  • Annoying volume control


If you want to experience complete listening freedom, the SmartOmi Boots seem like the obvious choice. With such a unique form-factor, the comfort and ease-of-use are what the majority of people will be most concerned about. The Boots excel in both, and they even sound pretty damn good on top of that.

SmartOmi Boots Bluetooth Earbud - IPX7 Waterproof Link Brand Link Price on
SmartOmi SmartOmi Boots-Upgrade Bluetooth Earbuds (IPX7 ) check price


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