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Sling TV Vs. DirecTV Now

If you’re looking to get rid of your cable subscription, finding something to replace it with can be a difficult task with all of the different cord-cutting TV services available. Sling TV and DIrecTV Now are two popular ones that are available, and today we’re going to show you which one is the better option for your home.

Sling TV 7 Day Free Trial

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Sling Try Sling TV free for 7 days

Sling TV and DIrecTV both offer different types of content, and since one is an independent company and the other is backed by AT&T, you’re going to get two pretty different experiences. Follow along below, and we’ll compare the two side by side.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a unique TV service that operates on a “a la carte” business model. This means that you can purchase a base TV streaming package for only $20 a month, and then you can add on individual channels to your plan at an additional cost of a few bucks a month. Similar to a cable service, they have packages that will give you a whole bunch of channels for as low as $20 a month and as high as $40 a month.

Adding individual channels might be a great way for some people to save cash on their “cable” subscription. If you were previously paying a ton of money for a whole arsenal of channels, but only watched one or two, now you can purchase those two channels individually with Sling TV without having to pay upwards of $80 a month.

The great thing about Sling TV is that there are no hidden fees. There’s no contracts, there’s no fees for ending your subscription — it’s totally up to you for how long you want to have it as well as what you want to pay for.

The one downside is that there’s not a whole lot of on-demand content outside of what the TV channels offer. You’re also not going to be able to get your hands on any exclusive content that, say, Netflix might have — like House of Cards. Renting movies is kind of a downside, too. Sling TV offers some free for subscribers, but there’s still a fee — $0.99 for most movies, but that can go all the way up to $4 for new releases.

Another neat thing about Sling TV is that there’s opportunities for free gadgets — right now, based on a certain criteria, you could get a free Fire TV stick or Roku Express with your Sling TV purchase. If you’re not sure about Sling TV, they do offer a 7-day free trial.

Get started with Sling TV at the link below.

Buy it now: Sling

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is almost a replica of Sling TV in a lot of ways. There are similar as well as comparable channel lineups, you can rent movies, view On-Demand TV shows and more, just like Sling TV. The biggest differences come down to features.

For example, DirecTV Now doesn’t have Cloud DVR, but Sling TV does. This lets you save movies and TV shows to watch at your leisure, and is something nonexistent on DirecTV. DirecTV Now also operates more like cable/satellite provider than offering a cord-cutting service. You pay for packages of TV, just like you would from a cable provider. With Sling TV, there are add-ons you can pay for individually. This makes Sling TV a whole lot cheaper option. DirecTV Now can actually end up costing you upwards of $80 in packages, not including movie rental fees. DirecTV Now even starts out at a whole $15 more per month than Sling TV — $35 a month.

You can try DirecTV Now out at the link below.

Buy it now: DirecTV Now


So, which service should you go for? DirecTV Now might be attractive with AT&T backing the service, but really, it resembles a cable or satellite provider in a lot of different ways. That said, we recommend going with Sling TV. You’ll get a much better experience for nearly half the cost even if you go for Sling TV’s most channel-packed option. You can save even more money if you decide to use Sling TV’s most basic package and add their add-ons to your subscription based on what you want to watch.

Not only that, but Sling TV has much better features, such as Cloud DVR. If there’s a show you’re afraid of missing because of work or an event, Cloud DVR can digitally record it for you so you can watch it whenever you get around to it. DirecTV Now has no such feature. Sling TV is without a doubt the way to go.

Sling TV 7 Day Free Trial

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Sling Try Sling TV free for 7 days

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  1. I left Directv (Satellite) for Sling almost a year ago. One of the things I like about Sling is I use it on my laptop and no charge for up to 3 simultaneous streams. It’s a bit of a kluge because if the football game runs over the streaming stops (fixed 3 hr window) and then you have to know that you need to switch to the Simpsons because you were watching a Fox game or to local news after SNF on NBC. I have “local” Fox and NBC affiliates. I have a movie package (worth it) for $10 so I save about $80/month over Directv. If I could buy WeatherChannel (WeatherNation is useless) and FNC or exchange them for the useless channels in my package, life would be perfect. I won’t try DirectvNow without knowing their channel lineup and it’s almost impossible to find it. AT&T wrecked Directv and continues to sink it.

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