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GOgroove BlueSYNC SBR Bluetooth Speaker Review

The GOgroove BlueSYNC SBR Bluetooth Speaker is intended for everyone who isn’t content with the maximum volume level of their TV, or simply looking to play music wirelessly from your smartphone. This elegant sound bar can turn any average home theater experience into something much more enjoyable, without costing a small fortune.

Design and Build

One of the main advantages of sound bars over regular speakers is their small footprint. Even a modest set of 2.1 speakers will take up a considerable amount of space, often requiring separate speaker stands. Because the GOgroove BlueSYNC SBR is only 3 inches deep, it can be placed in front of a TV or mounted on a wall.

GOgroove made sure that the mounting is as simple as it can be, by preinstalling mounting brackets on the back of the sound bar and including two screws and plastic wall anchors with the speaker. Unless you want to mount the anchors on a brick wall, you will need only a screwdriver, measuring tape, and level.

The GOgroove BlueSYNC SBR definitely won’t ruin the look of your living room, either. The sleek silver and black styling looks much better than the all-plastic design that’s so prevalent among Bluetooth speakers. The front speaker grill hides two regular speakers and one subwoofer that packs plenty of punch despite its relatively small size.

Accessible from the left side are onboard controls, which allow you to turn the device on and off, play or pause the playback, skip tracks, and put the speaker into the pairing mode. The included remote control includes all of this functionality but adds bass and treble adjustment. The remote is roughly the same size as the remote control that often comes with LED light bulbs. The only problem is that the buttons can sometimes take two or three presses before their register your input. That’s by no means a huge issue, but it takes something from the otherwise great user experience.

GOgroove made the sound bar extremely versatile, by including 3.5mm AUX, RCA, and Optical audio inputs, alongside the Bluetooth streaming option. This allows you to enjoy the high sound quality provided by a wired connection, while still being able to conveniently connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Since the speaker isn’t intended for portable use, there’s no internal battery. The device is, instead, powered via the 15V DC input located on the back. We were pleased to find out that GOgroove stand behind their products with 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Sound Quality

Hiding under the front speaker grill is a pair of high-quality speakers coupled with a single subwoofer and faithful bass reproduction. Honestly, it’s easy to be skeptical about the sound quality of something so slim and compact. But truth be told, the BlueSYNC sounds fantastic.

The overall sound is nicely balanced, and no part of the sound spectrum feels overshadowed by any other. The subwoofer handless even the deepest bass flawlessly, making movies immensely enjoyable. Action scenes with explosions and gun shots can be physically felt, not just heard. Mids are placed slightly forward to accentuate vocals, and highs are crisp, clear, and free from any distortion or sibilance.

The sound bar comes with 3 equalizer settings. There’s a setting for music, voice, and, most importantly, movies. The difference between the three settings isn’t all that dramatic, but there’s an audible change, especially in the amount of bass.

What’s in the Box

Apart from the BlueSYNC SBR speaker itself, the packaging also includes a power adapter, remote control, plastic wall anchors, and mounting screws. What’s missing are audio cables for wired audio connection. You will have to purchase those separately, depending on how exactly you want to connect the sound bar to your TV. If your television supports Bluetooth, you could even ditch the cables entirely and enjoy the pleasing appearance of a wireless setup.


The BlueSYNC SBR from GOgroove is a great way how to improve the audio quality of your television. The sound quality is on par with most similarly priced speakers, but you also get the added convenience of wireless connectivity and slim form-factor.
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