Amazon Fire HD 6 Tablet Review

So many tablets aimed at casual users get it completely wrong. The manufacturers think that just because their target audience isn’t tech geeks or mobile gaming aficionados they can get away with selling underperforming hardware that’s virtually obsolete the day it hits the market.

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Amazon knows better, and their smallest tablet, the Fire HD 6, is a great entry-point into their large ecosystem full of books, movies, TV shows, songs, and Android games and apps. Let’s see what makes it different from its competition.

Design and Build

To some, the Fire HD 6 may seem like the opposite of sleek. It’s true that its plastic, angular exterior devoid of elegant curves and small design touches is quite rough, but it’s also very functional. You can hold the tablet with just one hand without feeling even the slightest hint of discomfort. And that’s great because a small tablet like this begs to become a part of your everyday carry.

Amazon offers the Fire HD 6 in five different colors—black, citron, cobalt, magenta, white—but you can customize the look of the tablet even further using third-party cases, such as the Fire HD 6 Slim Case from Nupro.

The tablet your regular assortment of ports and buttons, including a microUSB 2.0 that allows you to connect the tablet to an HDTV or VGA monitor, and charge the tablet using the included power adapter. Located on the top side of the tablet is a 3.5 mm stereo jack, and an integrated speaker with Dolby Digital Plus sits at the bottom side of the tablet.


Before we dive into all the nitty gritty technical details, let us just say that the Fire HD 6 performs sufficiently well for what the tablet is designed to do. Sometimes a magazine takes a few extra seconds to load, and 1 GB of memory isn’t enough to have several demanding apps opened at the same time, but it’s hard to complain about such minor issues when the tablet costs less than $100.

Once you open your app of choice and the fast quad-core processor with clock speeds of up to 1.5 GHz fully kicks in, you’ll quickly forget that you are holding an entry-level device. Amazon’s heavily customized version of Android KitKat is not only very easy to use, but it’s also highly efficient.

The 6″ IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels displays vibrant colors that look as intended even when viewed from a sharp angle. To keep your eyes healthy and your sleep restful, you can activate a specialized filter that automatically minimizes blue light based on local sunrise and sunset times.


Amazon’s take on the Android operating system heavily focuses on content consumption and keeps in mind the needs of all family members. Parents can use the tablet’s parental controls to restrict access to inappropriate content, and children can enjoy over 10,000 kid-friendly titles with FreeTime Unlimited, an all-in-one subscription that brings together books, games, educational apps, movies, and TV shows.

Those who want even more content are encouraged to subscribe to Amazon’s unlimited plans for music and ebooks. Amazon Prime members get a small discount on all plans, making them even more attractive.

What Users Like

  • Fantastic value
  • Extremely portable
  • Smooth performance
  • Family-friendly features
  • Above-average battery life

Amazon Fire HD 6 Tablet Review Link Brand Link Price on
Amazon Amazon Fire HD 6 Tablet check price

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