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5 best wireless doorbells in 2018

Doorbells, in theory, were supposed to offer us the ability to know when someone’s at the door. Consider it a relatively modern equivalent to knocking on your door. But technology has evolved even further now with traditional doorbells being replaced by wireless and digital doorbells. These doorbells are capable of alerting you on your phone in addition to ringing in your home. This gives users the ability to pick up the door only by looking at their phone. There are a number of other features built into these wireless doorbells, with some even offering camera support to let you know who exactly is knocking your door. It’s interesting, and certainly something that could do wonders to your current doorbell setup. We’re going to discuss five of the best wireless doorbells available in 2018, with all of them easily available via Amazon. In addition to offering the aforementioned features, these doorbells also come with support for user customization, tailoring it to match your home setup.

Best Wireless Doorbell

Bear in mind that some of these wireless doorbells are quite expensive, so get ready to loosen your pockets if you want to invest in a decent wireless doorbell from a renowned manufacturer. So let’s have a look at our list.


One of the most popular wireless doorbells available out there, the SkyBell comes with a variety of features on board to make it one of the best wireless doorbells available in the market today. As you’d expect, it also comes with a built-in camera, which is an excellent security feature to have in the event of theft or break-ins. Once you’re connected, the doorbell will let the user know someone’s arrived. Post this, it’s as simple as launching the dedicated app on their phone to see a live feed of the doorbell camera. It’s discreetly placed as well, so one could be easily fooled into thinking that it’s a standard doorbell. The best part with this particular doorbell is that the user doesn’t necessarily have to press the button for the video to show up. Built-in motion detectors allow the device to alert the users when someone’s in proximity with the doorbell.

Users also have control over the video they record and download, so you’re free to keep the ones you want and discard the rest as you like. The SkyBell can record 7 days of video at a stretch, and doesn’t come with any hidden fees to lure you into cloud services. This can be a massive disadvantage if you’re leaving home for a vacation and still want your house to be monitored. However, it’s quite clear that the positives of the app far outweigh the caveats. The SkyBell will set you back by $167 on Amazon right now, be sure to check it out.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

This offering is quite similar to the doorbell we talked about above barring a few differences. Fundamentally, both doorbells serve the same purpose i.e. to alert the users of any activity around their door. The added advantage with the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is that it also comes with a speaker and a mic, allowing you to talk to the people at your front door without actually having to open the door. This seems like a very small feature, but it’s a bit of a rarity among digital doorbells available in the market today.

The battery on this device is rechargeable, allowing you to juice it up in a matter of few hours before it goes back into the silo. To ensure easy removal and insertion, the manufacturer has offered a quick-release mechanism to offer a hassle free experience for all. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is a massively popular offering in the market and with good reason. You can record and download the videos as well, and we strongly suggest subscribing to the company’s cloud service which will allow you to record videos for longer durations, up to a month even. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 will set you back by $197, which is a higher price than SkyBell’s offering, but given that this comes with a built-in speaker and microphone, we feel the pricing is justified.

Honeywell RCWL300A1006

This is a slightly toned down version of the doorbells we mentioned above, but a definite entry on this list given the simplicity it brings to the table. It has an operating range of 3,500 feet, with the unit consisting of a wireless unit and a receiver. You should be good to use these in large or medium sized houses as range interference isn’t expected to be a problem here. The doorbell has three alert icons that can be customized by the user. There are three different rings that users can set, which isn’t much but will get the job done. You can even add motion sensors for this device, making it a versatile offering overall. The best part is that this particular doorbell will only set you back by $32.95 on Amazon right now.

Fosmon WaveLink

This particular doorbell offers enhanced safety and security for your homes. In addition to acting as a doorbell, a magnetic field is generated between the unit and the receiver. Users will be instantly alerted when the magnetic field is disturbed. You can choose between a total of 52 tones, allowing you to customize this aspect heavily. It can operate within 480 feet, so we don’t think this particular offering will be suitable for larger homes. However, this Fosmon offering is ideal for supermarkets or stores where security is crucial. There are LED markers on the doorbell, which will flash in accordance with the doorbell, depending on the tone you’ve set. This is a no frills security equipment that every home needs to have. If you don’t want to shell out big on other offerings, this wireless doorbell can be bought for $24.99.

SadoTech Model C

This is yet another minimalist doorbell with a bundle of features under the hood. It can be purchased in a multitude of colors, which is quite rare in the industry as manufacturers usually offer doorbells in just one or two colors. It looks very simple, but is capable of doing a lot within its small exterior. Keeping this in mind, it’s important that we have a closer look at its features. It has already been featured on multiple publications, so it’s a pretty popular product overall. It can function at a distance of 1000 feet, which is decent. The transmitter is IP33 certified, making it suitable for outdoor conditions in the rain or snow. However, we would advise users to keep the doorbell covered for the most part, as it’s not fully resistant to water damages. As for the tones on offer, there are over 50 to choose from, so you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice. This product is currently priced at $16.49 on Amazon.

Best Wireless Doorbell

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