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5 Best WiFi Smart Plug Switches in 2018

Smart home appliances are everywhere today. We have come across a bunch of them, and I’m sure that most of us have an appliance or two at our home right now that come under this category. For smart appliances to work, having a smart plug switch is equally important. This basically allows your appliances to be controlled via your smartphone or tablet. Most of the functionality right now is limited to dimming or turning the appliances on or off. However, some appliances can offer more functionality. Not to mention the fact that some of these appliances give you a detailed breakdown of the power consumption, letting you accurately judge the use of your appliances and save some precious money accordingly.

Best Smart Plugs Link Brand Link Price on
Lutron LUTRON Smart Plug 158.99
iHome iHome Control Smart Plug 75
Koogeek Koogeek Smart Plug 45
iDevices iDevices Switch - WiFi Smart Plug 26.49

The best part is that you can control these appliances compatible with smart switches directly from your smartphone. So technically, you will be able to control the lights of your home or the appliances even if you’re out of the country. This is pretty amazing especially considering the fact that you won’t be paying much up front. So which one do you get for yourself? Considering the fact that there are so many options out there, it can be quite an ask to pick the best one. Keeping that in mind, we have managed to compile a list of smart switches which should make it easier for you to pick the best one.

5 best WiFi smart plug switches in 2017

iHome Control Smart Plug

This product is compatible with a large number of smart home appliances and other accompanying products like the Amazon Echo, and the Apple HomeKit. This product can be instrumental in bringing complete appliance automation to your homes. It also comes highly recommended by the users, which makes it an immediate choice on this list. The manufacturer clarifies that the plug can connect to WiFi at all times at no extra cost or hidden subscription fees. The idea behind these plugs is to make any product you have at home easily accessible with just your smartphone or tablet. The fact that it’s compatible with services like HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Wink, Nest, and SmartThings is enough reason for prospective buyers to consider this particular option.

While developers and companies are slowly building more functionality and features into smart plugs, the kind of advancements made by technology right now is pretty commendable. Customers are advised to get multiple smart plugs at home to ensure that you can hook up almost your entire home via the smart plug. This can also be an excellent security feature as you can control the lights at your home when you’re away or on a holiday. One unit of this Smart Plug will set you back by $37.99, which is pretty decent. You can purchase the product right away from Amazon.

LUTRON Smart Plug

This is a complete set and not a standalone plug like the one mentioned above. This means you get a wider range of accessories with this item. The entire bundle consists of one Smart Bridge, two Plug-In Smart Lamp Dimmers, two Pico Remotes, and two Tabletop Pedestals. The light dimmers offered here can plug into any standard outlet, so you won’t need additional accessories for this. The Smart Bridge provided with the bundle is compatible with a wide range of services including Alexa, Apple Homekit, Ecobee, Nest, Honeywell, Logitech, Sonos, Serena Shades, and many more. This basically means that you, as a customer, have nothing to worry about with regards to compatibility.

Setting the time clock feature on the device automatically adjusts the lighting of your home according to the season (Spring, Fall etc). In addition to controlling lamps, this here can also access your automated shades, which is a pretty neat feature to have. The whole set will cost you $189.95, which seems like an awful lot, but not when you consider the kind of equipment you’re getting with this product. Users can use the free Lutron app on their smartphones to control the appliances connected with this product.

iDevices Switch

As the name suggests, this is targeting those who have iOS devices at their home, although it’s compatible with practically any modern day home automation system, including the Amazon Echo. The plug comes with a built-in energy monitoring system, which lets you judge the kind of power that an appliance consumes on a regular basis. This is a game changing feature and something that makes it an incredibly attractive product among the rivals. Controlling the appliances at your home is extremely simple with this product and you simply have to download the iDevices Connected app on your smartphone to get the ball rolling. Once downloaded, you only have to scan the unique code on the product to automatically connect it to the network, thus saving you the trouble of manually entering WiFi information.

Further, the plug can be controlled from practically anywhere without requiring any other device. This is the beginner’s guide to getting your home on an automation system, and given the kind of reviews the product has received, you can’t go wrong here. The manufacturer mentions that this device can function with any device that uses Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. This is a major plus as it covers a myriad of devices. This smart switch also comes with handy scheduling features, thanks to the app. All these aspects combined make this a justified purchase for $48.97. It’s selling on Amazon right now.

Koogeek Smart Plug

This one comes highly recommended from the buyers on Amazon and it has a consistent rating of 4.0 stars on the site. This speaks volumes about the kind of popularity it’s currently seeing, and also the quality of the product. It’s just like any other smart plug, really, but given the perfect blend of the features it offers and the price, it makes its way to our list. Much like the other products on this list, this one too comes with the ability to monitor your energy spendings, thanks to a dedicated application. Products like these rely heavily on accompanying apps to make sure they can communicate with the product. Using multiple units of this product, users can create scenes, so that some or all of them can be activated with a particular voice command. This particular feature appears to be limited to just iOS devices with Siri, though.

Naturally, you can also set schedules here to make sure the plugs go on and off at the time of choice, which could be very convenient for some larger appliances at home. The product will only set you back by $29.99, which is fairly reasonable considering the prices of other similar products. We strongly suggest users try out this particular offering from Amazon right now.

TP-Link N150

This is one of the more basic smart plugs on this list and it comes from popular networking equipment manufacturer TP-Link. The product offers the best in terms of features, so you won’t have much to complain about. It has a dedicated settings button on board, along with the standard on/off switch, letting you control its functionality manually as well. In terms of compatibility, however, this smart switch is only compatible with devices that feature Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. So if you have a device with these credentials, you should be able to control the switch using just your voice. Given how popular Amazon Echo is around the world, more users are likely to try out this particular feature. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices, meaning a wide range of customers can try it out.

This particular offering is rated as one of the best budget smart switches available in the market and with good reason. While it doesn’t offer much in terms of out-of-the-box functionality, it’s a no-frills device that can be set up in a matter of few seconds. The product is priced at $34.99, which is slightly higher than the product we mentioned above. But given that TP-Link is a popular name in the industry, the bloated pricing is understandable. Amazon might only have limited stocks of this device, so we suggest you hurry.

Best Smart Plugs Link Brand Link Price on
Lutron LUTRON Smart Plug 158.99
iHome iHome Control Smart Plug 75
Koogeek Koogeek Smart Plug 45
iDevices iDevices Switch - WiFi Smart Plug 26.49

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