5 Best Stress Relief Apps to Ease Anxiety

Experts estimate that anxiety disorders affect approximately 30 percent of adults in the United States. This number is only growing larger because people who suffer from anxiety lack sufficient means how to defend against it. Many of those who decide to use a psychiatric medication experience severe side-effects or develop a life-threatening addiction. While we don’t advise against seeking professional medical help, sometimes seemingly simple remedies can be the most effective. The stress relief apps on this list directly address some of the most important factors that may lead to anxiety and stress.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep plays an essential role in our overall well-being. Without healthy sleep habits, we are more likely to get sick and experience psychological disorders. While each person needs a different amount of sleep every night, we all need to get the amount our bodies require on a regular basis. This alone can be quite a challenge, depending on your life circumstances.

The Sleep Cycle alarm clock tracks your sleep patterns to monitor how many hours of sleep you’re getting each night and to wake you up during the light sleep phase. All you have to do is tell the app when you would like to wake up, place your smartphone next to you on the bed, and close your eyes.

Headspace – Meditation

The positive effects of mindfulness meditation have been scientifically proven by number of reputable studies. You can go online and find countless forum threads where people share their experience with meditation, often saying that it saved their lives. Why then aren’t more people meditating? Because it’s surprisingly difficult to dedicate 10 minutes every day to simply being present.

Headspace relies on proven meditation and mindfulness techniques that are just as suitable for complete beginners as they are for people who already have their fair share of experience with meditation. The app sends regular reminders to keep you on track, and it also features an excellent buddy system for you and your friends to motivate each other.

Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

Featured in the New York Times and trusted by millions of users from around the world, Calm features numerous meditation sessions, ranging from 3 minutes all the way up to 25 minutes. The topics include anxiety and stress management, happiness, gratitude, body scan, forgiveness, non-judgment, and others.

But the app also does other things that can help you reduce your anxiety. You can listen to bedtime stories to fall asleep faster, do breathing exercise to relax, listen to soothing nature sounds and scenes, or practice unguided timed meditation.

Pacifica – Stress & Anxiety

It takes continuous effort to conquer negative thoughts and depression. There are no quick fixes and shortcuts. Knowing this, it makes sense to make the journey toward happiness and well-being as pleasant as possible. Pacifica is a thriving community of motivated individuals who have decided to use modern techniques and tools to learn how to better manage stress, anxiety, and depression.

The app features over 25 audio exercises, guided self-help paths designed by leading psychologists, a mood tracker, daily challenges and goals, and, above all, access to Pacifica’s peer-support community. You can download and test the app for free, but it will cost you $5.99 per month or $35.99 per year to unlock all features.

Self-Help Anxiety Management

It’s paramount for people who want to ease anxiety to learn as much as possible about this condition. The Self-Help Anxiety Management app, or SAM for short, has been developed by a university team of psychologists, computer scientists, and student users. Its purpose is to familiarize users with essential anxiety management techniques and information. The app does this in a way that’s not too text-heavy, although some reading will be necessary to get most from the app.

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