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5 best powered speakers with Bluetooth in 2018

There are a variety of speakers available in the market today. Prominent among them are Bluetooth speakers. However, there is another branch of speakers that are known as powered and unpowered speakers.

best powered speakers with Bluetooth

What are Powered and Unpowered Speakers?

Well, the definition varies, but the technical terminology for speakers that come with a combination of amplifiers, subwoofers etc are known as powered speakers. You can also get standard unpowered speakers (i.e. the ones lacking an amplifier and other components), and separately purchase accessories to turn them into powered speakers. While this ends up being economical or comparable to the price of full blown powered speakers, they have their own set of negatives.

For instance, an unpowered speaker will take significantly more space in your room if you add the components additionally. But with powered speakers, since the entire package is built-in, such issues don’t exist. Overall, if a customer wants to get the best experience for their money, there’s no doubt that powered speakers are the way to go. To add to the convenience aspect, some powered speakers today come with Bluetooth on board, allowing you to play music directly from your smartphone or other Bluetooth equipped devices.

However, if you’re connecting these speakers to something like a turntable, having a remote makes sense. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers offer a dedicated remote for playback control, barring one on this list.

So let’s have a look at five of the best powered speakers with Bluetooth on board.

Klipsch R-15PM

Coming from popular audio accessory manufacturer, Klipsch, the R-15PM comes with an elegant and sleek design, identical with some of its other speaker equipment. The looks don’t scream premium, but the sound quality will certainly have most users floored. It comes with support for USB connectivity, Bluetooth, digital optical TOSLINK as well as analog RCA, making it a complete package as far as powered speakers are concerned.

In terms of the hardware underneath, the R-15PM comes with a 1-inch aluminum diaphragm compression driver, along with with 90 x 90 square Tractrix Horn and 5.25-inch copper IMG woofer, offering the best possible sound from speakers of this size. The company also offers a turntable with a similar design, which can make an excellent companion to these speakers. The fact that these come with Bluetooth on board ensure that you don’t always have to rely on cables and wires to enjoy your music. It’s a fantastic unit to own, and definitely something that every audiophile should check out. You can get the Klipsch R-15PM for $349 on Amazon right now.


This is yet another fantastic product and comes equipped with a 2-inch subwoofer for optimum audio performance. The speakers can output sounds of between 55-20khz, which is perfect for speakers of this size. In addition to featuring Bluetooth connectivity, it also comes with aptX support, allowing you to get the best wireless experience. While having Bluetooth is a massive convenience here, that’s not all that these Plugable speakers will offer. These are excellent picks for studio monitors, and even for your home or office. Sounds are not too loud, but loud enough to impress most users.

The sleek design means you can put it in pretty much any room of the house or office as it can blend in easily with the decor. Each speaker comes with 4-inch glass fiber cone subwoofer, along with 1-inch silk dome tweeter and 55-watt Class D, 2-Channel Amplifiers. These speakers also come with an RCA port for analog sound, which is useful if you prefer this connectivity. You also get a dedicated remote with these, allowing you to control audio from a distance. Something like a remote can be moot sometimes, especially if you’re playing audio over Bluetooth, but is a handy feature to have if you’re connected to a turntable. These speakers will only set you back by $134.96, which is pretty reasonable given the kind of features it offers.

Audioengine HD3

One of the most elegant options in this list, the Audioengine HD3 comes with a sleek and polished design, suitable for any setting. It also helps that these speakers have very good sound, thus offering something for everyone. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity on board, along with a standard 3.5mm jack, which is suitable if you prefer wired connectivity. The built-in amplifiers offer amazing sound, capable of 60 watts of audio performance, giving you the best experience possible. It also provides full range variable output for added versatility in audio performance. Overall, the Audioengine HD3 is the best choice on this list if you’re looking for a no frills Bluetooth powered speaker. However, it doesn’t come with a remote, which is a bit of a letdown, especially at this price point. Barring this, however, there really isn’t much to complain about.

The manufacturer offers the speaker in Black, Walnut, Cherry, and White, so you have plenty of options to choose from depending on the kind of decor you have at your home. It will set you back by $399, so it’s not one of the cheaper options on this list. However, if you want the best performance, you will have to shell out a little more than usual. Be sure to check this out on Amazon.

Kanto YU3

These are yet another no-frills powered speakers with Bluetooth on board, and driving its performance are 4-inch Kevlar drivers and 1-inch tweeters on either side. As far as connectivity options are concerned, it comes with two optical TOSLINK ports providing lossless digital audio, an RCA port, a 3.5mm auxiliary port and with Bluetooth 4.0 and AptX audio for optimum audio performance. It’s quite the looker as well, which adds to the overall appeal of these speakers. The speakers provide 30W of power, so it’s not the most powerful out there, but it more than makes up for it with its audio quality. Despite the fact that it’s not as powerful as other speakers, many believe that it’s just as good, if not better, than more expensive units. The Kanto YU3 will set you back by $500 on Amazon right now. The speakers are available in Gloss Teal, Gloss White, Matte Gray, and Matte Green.

Mackie CR5BT

This comes with a built-in 5-inch woofer, providing 50W of power along with it. This results in amazing audio performance, perfect for audiophiles regardless of the music you’re listening to. It comes with RCA, Bluetooth, as well as standard 3.5 AUX connectivity, covering practically any device available out there. While the connectivity options aren’t that vast, the fact that you can use it with a phone, tablet, laptop etc ensures that you don’t have much to worry about. It covers pretty much any device that you can think of. There’s no remote here, though, which as we said is a very rare feature among powered speakers. The design is very appealing and will immediately stand out in any room. It has an AUX port on the front and manual volume controls, which is handy if you plan to set this on your work desk or table. At $219.99, these speakers are relatively inexpensive as well, making it suitable for customers who are on a budget.

best powered speakers with Bluetooth

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