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5 Best Portable Solar Chargers in 2018 for Camping

External batteries can be quite handy when we’re in a crisis situation. When you’re surrounded by wilderness and have no power outlets around, you can’t help but rely on solar energy to power your devices. For this very purpose, there are a handful of solar chargers out there which help you get your phones juiced up when you need them the most. So let’s have a look at some of these solar powered chargers that are ideal for your usage. The devices we’re going to list here come with varying price points, so be sure to pick the best one meant for your liking. All you have to do is keep the charger exposed under the sun to make sure it gets all the solar energy it can and go ahead and use it whenever you want to. Some of these chargers come with two USB ports, making it easier for you to charge multiple devices at the same time.

Best Portable Solar chargers 2017

5 Best Portable Solar chargers in 2017 for Camping

Best Portable Solar Panel Charger

Anker 15W Dual USB Solar Charger

Anker is a popular name in the charging accessories market, and it’s no surprise that this item features on top of our list. It comes with a pretty decent set of features under the hood, allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously. While conventional solar chargers take a while to fully charge up your device, this particular product comes with the company’s Fast Charging tech, offering charging capacity of up to 2.1 amps under direct sunlight. This is a pretty attractive feature on this charger and something that gives it a leg up over the competition. Weighing just 354 grams, it’s pretty much on the lighter side as well, allowing you to conveniently carry it around during your picnics or outdoor vacations.

The company mentions that the solar panels embedded on the charger are highly durable, so you don’t need to worry about breaking it during normal usage. But with that being said, you’re probably going to damage it pretty badly if you drop it frequently. So as a rule, we suggest you keep it enclosed and protected as much as possible. As far as solar powered chargers go, this one is pretty decent. It will set you back by $49.99 on Amazon right now.

Best High Wattage Solar Charger For Smartphone and Laptops

ALLPOWERS Solar Car Battery Charger

Now that we’ve discussed a standard phone charger, let’s have a look at something that everyone with a car needs to own. The ALLPOWERS Solar Car Battery Charger is a small device, but capable of jump starting your car when you’re in dire need. It can charge 12V batteries, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be cars. The product description mentions that it can charge up motorcycles and even tractors if need be, so it can be used in a variety of situations. The product also comes with a cigarette lighter plug on board, just in case you need it.

To avoid reverse charging of your charger, the product comes with a blocking diode built-in, which is very reassuring for prospective buyers. Further, the charger is water resistant and can sustain the occasional splashes of water. This means that it probably won’t last when submerged completely. The inclusion of suction cups with the package ensures that you can conveniently place it on your vehicle’s windshield while charging it up. The fact that it’s lightweight is a big bonus here as well, making it easier for you to carry it around. It is currently priced at $19.99 and can be bought via Amazon.

Best Rugged Waterproof Solar Charger

SOKOO Solar Powered Phone Charger

This one is slightly above the Anker model we mentioned above as it comes with a highly-durable body and water resistance to boot. It uses a canvas made using PVC fabric, offering the best in terms of ruggedness and durability. This means it can even sustain rains or the occasional drops in water, although we recommend against it. In terms of power, the SOKOO solar charger comes with two USB ports on board, much like the Anker charger mentioned above. This is pretty much a prerequisite with most solar chargers today.

The company mentions that the solar panels used on this particular product allow for incredible conversion rates, making it a very efficient device. The charger comes with a Smart IC underneath, which can cleverly detect the device that it’s charging and offer suitable power output. There’s no fear of overcharging your devices as the solar panels monitor the kind of sunlight there is and offer power accordingly. Overall, the product comes with all the necessary features to protect your devices from any harm. This, coupled with the fact that it’s only priced at $49.99 from Amazon makes it a pretty exciting buy in our books.

Best Daypack Hiking Backpack With Solar Charger

LESHP Solar Charger Backpack

We have discussed phone chargers and car chargers based on solar energy. But this product here is slightly different as it’s a full blown solar powered backpack. It can charge most of your electronic devices, and will ultimately help you cut down on carrying bulky adapters during camping trips. The solar energy is stored within the panels placed on the bag, allowing you to use it accordingly for all your devices when required. Since it doesn’t have any kind of fast charging tech on board, it’s possible that devices will charge slower than usual. But this shouldn’t be much of a concern if you mean to hike in the sunlight for prolonged periods.

It comes with a 7W solar phone panel charger on board, which is pretty decent if we’re going into the technical details. The manufacturer claims that the backpack comes with a durable tear resistant nylon, which means it can stand the test of time. However, we suggest you against trying out its durability in any way. The fact that the solar panel can be removed from the backpack makes it easier to clean the backpack or the panel for that matter. This multifunctional solar powered backpack will set you back by $89.99 and can be snapped up from Amazon right away.

Best Solar Charger For RV Campers

Renogy Monocrystalline Solar Panel

This one’s meant to power entire homes and hence come with more power out of the box. You can get single panels or up to six depending on the size of your home. Given the power it offers, it’s also capable of powering a standard-sized RV. It comes with a 25-year transferrable output power warranty, making it a worthwhile buy for the customers. It’s not a flashy accessory like the other items on this list, but the kind of utility it offers, this one comes highly recommended for those who are looking to build themselves a solar powered home. Not only will this save on electricity, but will also contribute towards a greener environment. The panels are offered with 31-inch cables with MC4 connectors by default.

One panel is recommended to output 500-watt hours per day, per panel. Naturally, you can add more panels and increase output as desired, so you’re not just confined to using one panel. One panel will set you back by $139.31, whereas two and three will cost you $273.97 and $436.04 respectively. It makes sense to get two pieces in one go as the per unit cost will come down to about $136. Be sure to check out the collection from Amazon right away.

Best Portable Solar chargers 2017

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