5 Best Portable Battery Charger in 2018 for Your Android Phone

Smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, laptops, and even our cars all have one thing in common: they rely on battery power to function. And because we depend on them so much, it makes a lot of sense to carry a portable battery charger that we could use in case of an emergency. This article contains 5 such chargers—each slightly different but all equally useful.

Best Portable Phone Battery Charger 2017

AmazonBasics Portable Power Bank – 16,100 mAh

Out of all the power banks available on Amazon, Amazon’s own power bank, called AmazonBasics Portable Power Bank, delivers the best value. There are three different models to choose from (5,600 mAh, 10,000 mAh, and 16,100 mAh), all available in two configurations (either with or without a cable). There also used to be a 2,000 mAh version, but that version is currently not available. The smallest version predictably cost the least, and it works great as a backup charger, with enough juice for 1 full charge. The highest-capacity model is suitable for heavy use and travel.

All AmazonBasics power banks feature two USB charging ports, one microUSB port for charging the bank itself, four LED lights for battery level indication, a power overload protection mechanism, and Amazon’s excellent 1-year warranty. They can easily charge any decide that doesn’t require more than 5V and 2.4A. While power banks from Amazon cost slightly more than many no-name power banks from China, their high quality makes up for it.

Anker PowerCore+ mini portable charger – 3,350mAh

Despite its small size, even the smallest AmazonBasics power bank may be too large for everyday carry purposes, especially if you are a woman. That’s where the lipstick-shaped power bank from Anker comes in. This ultra-portable yet high-capacity power bank adds over one charge to an iPhone 6, almost one full charge to a Galaxy S6, and one full charge to most other phones.

It features Anker’s PowerIQ high-speed charging technology, which detects your device to deliver its fastest possible charge speed. The MultiProtect safety system then ensures that nothing will happen even if you manage to accidentally connect the power bank to your device in a wrong way. Every PowerCore+ mini charger contains the highest-grade lithium-ion cells from Panasonic and comes with Anker’s worry-free 18-month warranty and lifetime technical support.

Anker Compact Car Jump Starter and Portable Charger Power Bank – 400Amp 10,000 mAh

The Anker Compact Car Jump Starter and Portable Charger can be a real life-saver. Don’t be misled by its small size, this puppy can handle up to 400A peak current and is able to jump start any 12V 3L gas or 2.5L diesel engine up to 15 times. It comes in a handy storage pouch, which you can use to store all the accessories that come with it, including jumper cables, a 15V wall charger, a 15V car charger, and a welcome guide.

Just like all power banks and chargers from Anker, this one also features their advanced safety mechanisms, protecting you and your devices against surges and short circuits, as well as inverse current, explains Anker. The device has two USB charging ports and a handy LED light, helping you connect the charger to your car battery at night.

Water/Shock/Dust Proof FosPower Rugged Heavy Duty Portable Battery – 10,200mAh

Increasingly more high-end Android smartphones are fully protected against dust and water. We can expect that their ranks will only increase in number as the venerable 3.5mm audio connector slowly disappears in favor of USB Type-C. It then makes sense to own a power bank that, just like your smartphone, can be used on a beach. The good news is that you don’t even need to spend a lot of money to buy a high-capacity power bank with IP67 dust and water resistance—the FosPower PowerActive 10200 mAh Power Bank costs only around $25.

This rugged shock- and water-proof device can do a lot, considering its affordable price. For starters, it can output up to 2.1A through a standard USB charging port, but it can also serve as an emergency flashlight or compass. You can easily attach it to your bag or belt loop thanks to the included carabiner, and even if you happen to smash it against a rock, its durable polycarbonate and ABS body will protect it.

MAXOAK Laptop & Smartphone Portable Charger Heavy Duty – 50,000mAh

Sometimes you need more power than the average power bank can supply. Perhaps you want to keep your laptop charge why you work on your thesis in a park, or maybe you want to charge multiple devices at the time over a long period of time. The MAXOAK power bank was created to do just that. This behemoth has not one or two outputs—it has six of them! What’s more important, two of them are for laptops (One 20V/3A and one 12V/2.5A). To ensure maximum compatibility, the power bank ships with 11 kinds of connectors, covering 95% of laptop manufacturers.

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