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5 Best Phone Ring Light For Selfie Or Makeup

While taking selfies is a modern day phenomenon, the concept has been around for quite some time now. However, manufacturers have only recently begun taking selfie seriously. The concept has gone so forward today that manufacturers actually offer customers the ability to take brilliant selfies using the front facing camera. However, seldom do manufacturers provide the ability to take appropriately lit selfies.

Best Phone Ring Light

While there are a few workarounds to make this happen, they’re not very effective. Manufacturers sometimes make sure the entire display lights up to replicate a flash. However, there are dedicated selfie accessories that you can get to make sure you never have to take a dimly lit selfie again. Let’s have a look at a few of these accessories today. These are third party accessories, so you might have to make do with the fact that they take more space on your device. But since it’s usually a one-time use accessory, you can just as easily keep it in your bag when you’re traveling or planning a night out. In addition to taking selfies, you can also use this accessory when you’re applying makeup, making this a pretty handy accessory overall. So without much waiting, let’s have a look at some of the ring light accessories for your smartphone.

Selfie Light

As the name suggests, this does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and with a flourish. What makes this particularly exciting is the fact that you can get it in multiple colors. In addition to the visuals, the selfie light also packs a 1,500 mAh battery under the hood, which can be used to charge your phone if it’s low in charge. Customers can choose from three different brightness settings, which is a pretty handy feature to have on an accessory such as this one. The selfie light is rechargeable, obviously, and it will be able to run 12 hours if you select low brightness, up to 6 hours on medium brightness and 2 hours on full brightness. So if you plan on using this while in full brightness mode, we suggest you stay hooked to a power adapter.

Bear in mind that you don’t necessarily have to use it on smartphones, and you can just as easily hook it up to your laptops or any other device with the necessary connectivity options. This particular offering is available at varying price points, so you will probably shell out slightly more depending on the variant you’re getting. The cheapest option available from the retailer will set you back by $17.99, which is a fairly decent price to pay for a device like this. The Selfie Light is also available in Red and Black options. You can snatch up these variants from Amazon right away.

Ring Light

Much like the Selfie Light that we spoke about, this one too comes with the same functionality on board. Thanks to an accessory like this, you can be assured that the images that you take from the front camera will no longer have to be dimly lit. This is perhaps the reason why selfie lights are incredibly popular in the market. It also helps that this particular accessory is light and compact-sized, making it easier to carry it around. You don’t have to manually change the batteries here, as it comes with a rechargeable battery on board. This means you simply have to plug it into a charging adapter when it’s low on juice. The Ring Light comes with 36 LEDs lined up in a circle, offering the best illumination for an otherwise dimly lit selfie.

Customers have given very good reviews for the ring light, which makes it a highly recommended product on this list. This one too comes with three adjustable light settings, making it a highly versatile product. The manufacturer promises to offer a replacement or a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product. You will have to shell out $12.99 for this particular product. You can get this in two attractive colors, so you won’t have to settle for just one variant. However, the Black version is slightly expensive at $13.99. Be sure to have a closer look at this particular product via Amazon.


This isn’t exactly a selfie light and can be used for a variety of purposes. It comes with a stand, letting you place it practically anywhere as long as you have a flat surface. This can also be used as a professional lighting tool for photos and even video shoots. The light stand is made using an aluminum alloy for maximum durability and flexibility. Naturally, this is meant to be carried around everywhere, thanks to the neatly designed arms that can suspend easily for maximum convenience. The light is 18-inches in radius, offering the best light for any conditions.

While this product might not be for every selfie enthusiast out there, customers need to be aware that they can take some amazing portrait pictures using this light stand. You just have to place it at a convenient location and start taking pictures. It’s a professional grade light stand, so it might not have a lot of takers out there. Despite the fact that it can be easily condensed, this isn’t meant to be carried around everywhere. This is perhaps the only caveat with the product here. You can snatch it up right now on Amazon for just $143.99. Do you fancy getting a product like this?


This is just another standard selfie ring that sits right in front of your phone. The accessory is no different from conventional selfie rings that we spoke about in this list. The accessory is covered with 36 LEDs, offering the best in terms of lighting. Naturally, there are various settings for the users to properly gauge the brightness and use it accordingly. This gives users the advantage of customizing the lighting as they please. The SOGOCOOL selfie ring comes with a battery under the hood as well, which can be used to recharge the device whenever necessary. The thickness of the clamp is about 15mm, which tells us that it will probably add significant bulk to your device.

However, since you will only use this occasionally or only during taking selfies, we don’t see this as much of a concern, to be honest. The selfie ring here doesn’t require an app to function as you can simply plug it into your smartphone and light up your images. The size also has to be spoken about as it’s pretty handy and convenient to carry around. This is a prerequisite for selfie lights such as this one, given that it’s expected to be with you throughout the day, especially when you’re away from town. This is a slightly inexpensive option and will only set you back by $7.99. The product can be bought via Amazon right away.


Not too different from the product mentioned above, the UINSTONE selfie light comes with the same characteristics as its industry rival. Given the sheer amount of selfie rings that are available out there, it’s quite hard for the manufacturers to make their devices stand out. The only control that they have is over the price, although that’s a temporary measure too in most cases. In addition to being used for a selfie or makeup, the UINSTONE selfie ring can also be used in emergency situations or simply as a flashlight. So thanks to products like these, the flashlight on your smartphone is bound to become obsolete.

This product comes with 36 LEDs lined up in a circle. This also means that it’s going to be power hungry if you plan to keep it powered on for prolonged intervals. But thanks to the rechargeable batteries on board, juicing up the device again is as easy as plugging it into your charging adapter for a couple of hours. Thanks to the size of the selfie light, it can also be used for tablets, in addition to smartphones. The product has received excellent ratings from the users, making this a highly recommended product in our books. The UINSTONE selfie light can be purchased via Amazon for just $8.99. Stocks might be limited here, so we suggest you hurry.

Best Phone Ring Light

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