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5 Best News RSS Readers For Android

News can be gathered from almost anywhere. Given the fast paced world we live in, consuming news has become a not so difficult process. There are so many sources available at our disposal today, so one can get news from hundreds of websites and other media outlets. It’s possible that you will often have a lot of news sites as your sources. But how do you separate them from the crowd? Well, you get yourself an RSS feed reader which helps you compile all your news sites in one convenient place.

However, even when we talk about RSS feed readers, there are plenty of them to talk about. Given the sheer number of feed readers available out there, it can get quite difficult to pick the best one meant for your liking. We have compiled a list of excellent feed readers today to make that choice easier for you. Be aware that not all of these are full blown RSS readers, and some of them can be used just to scroll through articles of your interest.


Feedly is one of the most popular feed readers available right now, and is available for all platforms including Android. A good feed reader is judged on the kind of support it offers across platforms, and the developers even offer a web version, allowing you to catch a glimpse of all the feeds on the bigger feeds. It’s free to download, although the company has a Pro version of the app which lets you unlock a handful of new features.

In addition to adding known feeds to your list, Feedly also lets you search for specific keywords or trending topics that might grab your attention. The app is used by millions of users around the world, including me. Ever since Google Reader was shut down, Feedly has been the preferred choice of feeds for many readers. Taking these factors into account, we highly recommend Feedly to all. The Android app is free to download and has been installed by nearly 10 million customers already. The app will require Android devices running on at least Android 4.1 or above. Given that almost every new Android device comes with Android 5.0 or higher, the app should be accessible to a majority of the Android population right now.

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