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5 Best Free Roku Channels in 2018

Roku has the largest library of all streaming services out there but deciding which of its more than 4,000 channels are the best can be difficult and time-consuming. To help you enjoy your Roku to its fullest potential, we’ve picked 5 best Roku channels that you can subscribe to for free in 2018.

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Pluto TV

The first on our list is Pluto TV, which is a fantastic cord-cutting service for people who are used to the traditional cable experience and the ability to just turn on the TV and start watching something interesting. With Pluto TV, you can flip between a wide selection of channels on a broad range of topics, from news to movies trailers to pop culture to gaming to lifestyle to movies. Pluto TV is supported by ads, which run between programming. And if you’re still not convinced that Pluto TV deserves your attention, you should know that it has an entire channel dedicated solely to cat videos.


Twitch is where eSports happens. This live streaming video platform was launched in 2011 as a spin-off of the largest streaming platform at the time, In 2015, Twitch announced that it had more than 1.5 million broadcasters and 100 million visitors per month, making it the leading live streaming video service. Regardless of which games you like to play, you can be sure to find many Twitch streamers who share your interests and preferences. Twitch is supported by ads, but you can also subscribe to Twitch Prime to enjoy it without any ads during the broadcast and with several other perks, including access to select games and in-game content, exclusive emoticons, or member-only chat badges.


Crackle is a video streaming distributor of movies and TV shows owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. The service was founded in 2004 and purchased by Sony two years later for $65 million. While Crackle never managed to gain the same popularity as Netflix or LoveFilm, it offers a wealth of interesting content for free and with no limit to how much you can watch across your devices. Crackle can alert you on movie and TV show premieres, recommend you interesting content, and help you hide mature-rated content with parental controls. Crackle features programming in the action, comedy, crime, drama, horror, and sci-fi genres, and it also distributes its original shows, including Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Chosen, Sports Jeopardy!, Extraction, and Joe Dirt 2.


No other video-sharing website besides YouTube has over 400 hours of content uploaded to it each minute. From educational videos on just about every subject to memes and fail compilations to music to vlogs—YouTube has something for everyone. While you can enjoy YouTube on just about any device with Internet access, watching YouTube on a big screen can be more entertaining than watching it on a small smartphone display.


Your Roku can become an excellent source of nation-wide and local news with the NewsON channel. This must-have channel features newscasts from over 150 local news stations and the ability to watch previous broadcasts up to 48 hours from the when they were originally broadcasted. NewsON is easy to navigate and can be fully personalized to your liking. The channel doesn’t require any subscription or account—just open it and enjoy news no matter where you are.

Roku Streaming Stick

image brand product Prices
Roku Roku Streaming Stick 39.99

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