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5 Best Food Delivery App for Android for 2018 that Works in Most Major Cities

Experts predict that the newly emerging sharing economy will be a big deal in the near future. But you don’t have to wait even a minute to get a taste of it. Food delivery apps for Android already work in several major cities around the world, connecting customers with restaurants through a network of individuals backed by innovative technology from various startup companies and established players.


UberEATS: Faster Delivery

Launched in August 2014 in Santa Monica, UberEATS is an on-demand meal delivery service by Uber Technologies Inc. Instead of picking up people, UberEATS connects hungry customers with local restaurants in selected cities through independent drivers. The company claims that they are able to deliver orders in less than 10 minutes, making UberEATS one of the fastest food-delivery services in existence.

In past, customers made their orders through the same Uber app that’s used for transportation. But in 2016, Uber expanded the service by launching a standalone app for Android and iOS device. The app automatically recognizes whether the service is available in customer’s area, and if it is, it displays a daily menu consisting of 2-4 meal options. The rest is exactly the same as if you were to order an Uber to take you to the airport.

According to the Play Store page, UberEATS is currently available in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Brooklyn, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Dubai, Edmonton, Houston, Johannesburg, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Miami, Nashville, New Haven, New York, Orange County, Paris, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Singapore, Stamford, Sydney, Tampa, Tokyo, Washington, D.C, and several cities in Canada.


DoorDash – Food Delivery

DoorDash is an on-demand logistic start-up, founded in 2013 Stanford students Evan Charles Moore, Andy Fang, Stanley Tang and Tony Xu. The app initially launched in the South Bay of San Francisco but has since expanded to over 300 cities in 32 markets in the US and Canada, including Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Manhattan, New York (NYC), Palo Alto, San Antonio, San Diego, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Washington DC, Toronto, Vancouver, and many others.

The foundation of the app is DoorDash what the developers refer to as “Delight” score. This unique measure of satisfaction factors in food quality, delivery speed, and popularity to suggests tasty meals from the best restaurants in town. Available meals can also be sorted by their price or delivery speed.

Most orders are delivered in less than one hour. While slower than UberEATS, DoorDash’s selection of cuisines is also much larger. It includes Korean, Italian, Mexican, American, European, and, for example, Brazilian cuisine, as well as desserts, salads, pizza, and meals for people with allergies.


Seamless Food Delivery/Takeout

The Seamless Food Delivery and Takeout app presents a great alternative to the dull and boring process that involves searching for restaurants in your local area, visiting their individual web pages, navigating to find the menu, and, finally, dialing the restaurant to make the order. Instead, Seamless Food Delivery and Takeout aggregates all the best places to eat in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles into a single place.

This way, you can conveniently browse through hundreds if not thousands of different meals, sort them by their rating, and read what others have to say about them. Once you have settled on what you are going to order, you can pay for it with Android Pay, PayPal, credit card, or cash. Your delivery will be displayed on the built-in food tracker, so you can see exactly how far from your mouth it is and how long it will take to get to your stomach. In case something goes wrong, you can contact Seamless via email or phone at any time.


Eat24 Food Delivery & Takeout

With a long list of over 30,000 restaurants in 1,500+ cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington D.C., Miami, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago, and New York, Eat24 takes the wealth of information from Yelp, the popular user review and recommendation site, and uses it as a backbone of their food-ordering service.

With countless user reviews, you can easily avoid getting burned by ordering from an unknown restaurant. Not only that, but the app allows you to filter the results according to various criteria and sort them by distance, date, rating, delivery time, and more. With a single tap, you can display only healthy foods to make your dieting just a bit simpler and more enjoyable.

Eat24 lets you write custom notes to your order, so you won’t have to pick out the onions from your burger before you dig into it. Payments are realized via PayPal, Android Pay, or credit cards. A friendly customer support line is open 24/7, and Eat24 offer enticing cash back bonuses for loyal customers.


Grubhub Food Delivery/Takeout

Grubhub may be the last food-delivery app on our list, but it certainly deserves as much attention from you as all the other apps. It works in over 1,000 cities, aggregating more than 40,000 different restaurants to order from. Grubhub’s main feature is its excellent search functionality, which allows users to filter restaurants and meal based on keywords. Are you in a mood for sushi? Just type it into the app and let it recommend you the best sushi place in your vicinity.

All you have to do then is to select what you would like to order, pay for it using Android Pay, PayPal, credit card, or cash, and dig in. The app can remember multiple addresses, so you don’t have to painstakingly input a new address whenever you decide to order food from a different place than before. What’s more, all past orders are automatically saved, so you can easily reorder them in the future.

Other cities

If you don’t live an area supported by any of the 5 apps on this list, don’t despair. Chances are there’s a local app just for your city. Try searching for it on the Play Store to see if it shows up among the search results. If not, perhaps it’s a sign that you should start your own.

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