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5 best car headrest mounts for your tablet

Road trips on the car are fun and often filled with excitement. However, it can get a bit irritating at times for the person driving, especially if there’s too much talk coming from the background. The solution for this is to have a monitor on the headrest to keep the passengers on the back entertained. Car manufacturers have often offered built-in systems within the headrest (at a hefty price), to keep the consumers happy. However, the trend is fading quickly, especially given the advent of modern technology and the fact that there are tablets today that can double up as a full blown display. Not to mention the fact that tablets can also offer games and other interactive content to keep the passengers fully entertained.

best car headrest mounts

Keeping this in mind, we’re going to talk about some car headrest mounts today that are perfectly suited for your tablet. These mounts have decent amount of openings to accommodate practically any tablet, even if it’s not from an Android manufacturer. These mounts are cheaper than you think, which is a real bonus if you’re looking to upgrade the look of your automobile.


This is one of the more simple yet elegant car mounts that does the job perfectly. It can take any 7-inch or 10-inch tablet, making it an incredibly versatile offering. The manufacturer has made sure that the mount has necessary cushions to ensure the safety of your tablet. It snaps on just like any other mount would, although the build quality is expected to be significantly better with this particular offering. The mount also offers 360 degree rotation, allowing anybody in the back seat to enjoy media to their heart’s content. The grip needs a special mention as well especially since this is one of the key factors to determine the longevity of a mount. The company offers 100% lifetime guarantee which is commendable and speaks volumes about the quality of this particular product.

Heading over to Amazon will immediately fire up multiple positive reviews from customers who have bought this product. Its design is very simple, but the quality of the product more than makes up for that. You can use your tablet in either portrait or landscape modes without worrying about any blockages of essential device ports. You can snatch this offering from Bestrix via Amazon for just $16.49.

ExoGear ExoMount Tablet HRM

This is one of the most versatile car headrest mounts we could find, although it can be a bit daunting to set up. However, once it’s in place, this offering will give you a wide range of viewing options for people of all ages, thanks to the vertically adjustable mechanism. It works with tablets ranging from 7-inches to 10-inches, thus covering a broad spectrum of tablets sold in the market today. The tight grip ensures that the mount and your tablet remains firmly in place without any issues. Overall, this is easily one of the best mounts you can buy today.

The mount also comes with built-in storage, which can be very handy at times. The mechanism consists of a clamping lever and a tightening wrench tool. It has been designed in a way to accommodate charging your tablet while on the move. This provision is necessary as tablets can run out of juice pretty quickly if they’re in continuous operation. All the buttons on your tablet will be easily accessible thanks to the design here. It’s a fantastic product and well worth a look. The pricing might pull back some customers, though. However at $43.45, this is one of the best car headrest mounts you can get today.


This is yet another multipurpose mount designed with a wide range of tablets in mind. The design allows users to mount any tablet, regardless of its width. You can also adjust the mount to make sure the tablet is perfectly aligned with your eyes. This is a necessary feature and could significantly reduce the strain on your eyes that can be caused due to bad positioning of your tablet. One of the key benefits of having a car headrest mount is that you can operate your devices completely handsfree, almost as if they’re a part of the seat. This offering from Macally does this job perfectly well. The arm extension, which is the part that rests on the seat, can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of seat sizes. The design also offers a support stabilizer to ensure that you stay hooked on to your tablet even during bumpy roads.

The best part here is that you don’t need any additional tools to set up this car headrest mount and you can snap it in yourself when you get the product. The mount also supports 360 degree viewing, offering complete entertainment for everyone in the car. It will only set you back by $20.83, which is pretty good considering what it brings to the table. Be sure to check it out on Amazon.


This is a pretty basic headrest mount that supports a wide range of tablets (7 to 11-inches). Once placed within the mount, the tablet is easy to remove, offering you the choice to move it around as much as you want. The mount is extremely portable as well, which means that you can easily carry it in your luggage bag for future use. The best part is that this accessory can also be used during flights to have your tablet as a dedicated in-flight entertainment system. The mount has no parts protruding outside, making it safe for use around infants and children. You can use this mount even if your tablet has a case installed. The best part is that all of this will only set you back by $24.30 on Amazon.

LilGadgets CarBuddy

Car mounts mostly have to serve one purpose, that is to offer convenience and ease of use to the customers. This particular offering from LilGadgets is no different. It comes with soft cushions around the mount to ensure your tablet is safe. It supports devices of 7-inches up to 11-inches, thus covering every popular tablet in circulation today. The company ensures that the users will be 100% satisfied with the product and is even offering 1 year limited warranty with the product. It can fit into any car headrest, and the adjustable clamps help as well. Much like the accessory we spoke about above, this one too doesn’t have any complicated setup mechanisms, allowing practically anyone to fit this in their cars. Tablets can be used in portrait or landscape mode and all the essential ports as well as coverings are kept open to allow easy access when mounted. You can snatch up this offering for only $16.95 via Amazon.

best car headrest mounts

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