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5 Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Thermometers have been around for quite some time. Technology has advanced in such a way that we can now use technology to even measure the temperature of food. Although it’s technically the same as a standard thermometer, the margin for error with kitchen and meat thermometers is considerably slim. Having a meat thermometer allows users to get a better understanding of their meat and help them not to overcook or undercook them based on USDA’s recommended temperatures. If you have frozen meat at home, or a semi-cooked slab of meat, it helps to check the temperature before you consume it.

Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Taking these factors into account, a meat thermometer is a must have for practically any modern day kitchen. The best part about these thermometers is that they can be used for practically any foods given that they’re approved by the necessary authority. Further, these thermometers come with Bluetooth on board, helping users to track the temperatures directly from their smartphones from up to 150 feet away. All these thermometers are compatible with Android devices.

We’re going to discuss a handful of meat thermometers today, most of which you might be familiar with. Be sure to have a closer look at these products for a better understanding of which one to get.


This is one of the better kitchen thermometers you can get out there. It comes with six probe ports, allowing users to get a temperature reading from 6 different parts of the meat at the same time. The thermometer also comes with a digital display, which displays the existing temperature of the meat as well as the target temperature. The probes are FDA approved, which should put all safety related concerns to rest.

The GrillEye comes with a robust design, allowing it to withstand the nature of a regular kitchen. If we know something about kitchen’s it’s that there’s never a dull moment. So the build quality of a device like this is as important as the onboard features. The GrillEye can pair with your smartphones using Bluetooth. Using the companion app, you can track the temperature of your food from up to 300 feet away. This is a very convenient feature to have on a thermometer and assures users of being able to track the progress of their cooking without actually having to be physically present in the kitchen.

GrillEye is currently selling on Amazon for around $89.99, which makes it a very attractive offering overall.

iDevices iGrill2

This particular offering comes with only four probing ports, with two ports meant specifically for heavy duty stuff like steaming and other items with significantly higher temperatures. It comes with a Bluetooth range of 150 feet, which is still pretty decent considering how it can allow you the liberty to track your food from another room of your house. Users can set minimum and maximum temperatures of -22° F (-30°C) to 572° F (300°C) respectively. There is an alarm system to notify you when the meat has reached the desired temperature.

You might need an Android 4.3+ device to use this particular thermometer with your smartphone, but that’s not necessarily a caveat given how most modern day smartphones come with Android 6.0 or above. This particular offering is currently available for $116.99 via Amazon. The retailer specifies that this is the English Packaging. The French English packaging is even cheaper at just $70, which is worth a look as well.

Cappec BTH02

This device comes with a slightly larger display to better help you understand the kind of temperatures that it’s going to display. There are options like timer, target temperature, and current temperature. All these factors combined make for a truly pleasurable cooking experience. As for smartphone compatibility, the manufacturers claim that the device requires no syncing. You simply have to turn on the device and it automatically pairs with your phone. It comes with a Bluetooth range of 150 feet.

It takes three AAA batteries, and is expected to run for prolonged intervals. Given that it isn’t used all the time, the battery life will vary for every user. It comes with an aluminum magnetic stand, allowing you to snap it onto any metal surface around your home. The Cappec meat thermometer can sustain temperatures of -4° F (-20°C) to 482° F (250°C), The probe wires, on the other hand, can take temperatures of up to 716°F. You can get this particular thermometer for just $64.95.


This particular offering comes with a lifetime sensor probe warranty, speaking volumes about the quality and the durability that the company offers with this product. Even if the sensor probe is damaged after prolonged use, the manufacturer will replace it for free. The thermometer has preset temperatures for commodities like ground beef, ground poultry, beef, veal, chicken, pork, poultry, lamb, and fish. You don’t have to setup anything when you get the product. The manufacturer mentions that you just need to install batteries and the device is synchronized automatically.

The probe comes can measure temperatures of up to 32°F to 572°F (0°C to 300°C), which is pretty decent given the size of this product. The ThermoPro comes with a range of 300 feet, making this only the second device on this list to have the feature. The device is priced at $32.39 and can be purchased right away from Amazon.


This thermometer comes with two probes and two different sensors, allowing you to get a detailed look of how your meat is being cooked. It comes with an Android app, allowing you to check the temperature of your food right from your phone. The thermometer has a range of 150 feet. Naturally, the device comes with preset temperatures to help you cook beef, pork, fish etc. There are timers and alarms that you can set for when the thermometer reaches a certain temperature.

You will require an Android smartphone with Android 4.4 or above for the app to work. Barring this caveat, the Inkbird thermometer is a decent offering with a handy set of features available by default. This particular thermometer with two sensors is currently priced at $27.99 via Amazon. Be sure to have a closer look at this. The manufacturer cautions the users against washing the cables with water, so be sure to read the instructions (if available) carefully before using.

Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

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