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4 Best Pocket WiFi and Portable Hotspot Router for Japan in 2018

Japan is a widely popular holiday destination. The region sees innumerable tourists every year, including a handful of American citizens. Given that we live in the smartphone era, a life without internet is unimaginable, even more so when we travel abroad, leaving our loved ones and family behind. So what can you do to access internet at these international locations? Well, the logical option might seem like using your American carrier’s roaming plans and make sure you don’t get charged a lot. However, the roaming options among U.S. carriers are not very flexible, and you will probably end up spending a bomb on your monthly bill.

Best Pocket Wifi For Japan Link Brand Link Price on
Huawei Huawei E5770s-320 4G LTE 150 Mbps Mobile WiFi Pro 177.56
Keepgo Keepgo Global Lifetime 4G/LTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot 129
Mobal Japan Unlimited SIM by Mobal. Get Unlimited Data and a Japanese Number Check Price

So the best thing you can do is to make sure you get a Japanese number to keep with you, allowing you to use the data locally in the region without having to spend too much. Another option is to use your phone as a personal hotspot by using a local Japanese SIM card. The alternative is to get a pocket WiFi router so that you can get to keep your American number and use it for WiFi. These pocket routers are available for a nominal fee. If you don’t want to risk getting one directly in Japan, you can just as easily get one in the U.S. before you travel overseas. We are going to discuss some of these options today, so be sure to have a closer look at this list.

Pocket WiFi at Japanese Airports

Mobile carriers in Japan are highly competitive. They offer the ability to rent you portable WiFi routers directly at the airport as you arrive. If your flight’s late or if you cannot wait around at the airport, carriers will arrange for the device to be dropped by at your hotel. This is an incredibly convenient service, and will save you the trouble of having to manually look for a new SIM card. Given the ever increasing competition among mobile carriers, they are offering data and voice plans for throwaway prices.

You are allowed to rent the pocket WiFi between a minimum of five days and a maximum of 30 days. Rental prices will vary between ¥11,450 ($104) and ¥39,015 ($355) for a month. The carriers will also offer packs with varying validity, which is very helpful if you’re not planning to stay for a long time. Once you finish using the pocket WiFi, you can conveniently drop it off at any local post office in Japan along with the envelope that is supplied with the original shipment. It is mandatory to return the hotspot before you leave the country. If you lose the prepaid envelope that was originally offered with the device, you can contact the carrier or the authorities and they’ll guide you through the process.

If you send the pocket WiFi well after the 30-days rental period, you will be charged a penalty of ¥400 ($3) per day. Overall, it’s one of the most convenient and easy ways to get internet connectivity in Japan, and also one of the most cost effective options.

Huawei E5770s-320

This is a basic WiFi hotspot that you can purchase in the U.S. well in advance of your trip to Japan. The router can offer high speed 4G LTE connectivity with 150 Mbps download, 50 Mbps upload / 3G DC-HSPA+ 43.2 Mbps download, 5.76 Mbps. The hotspot can support 10 connected devices simultaneously, making it a worthy addition to your trip to Japan. It also comes with an RJ45 ethernet port on board to offer additional versatility as and when required. This device can be bought for just $154.19 via Amazon. It comes with a 5,200 mAh battery which can last for 20 hours at a stretch.

Naturally, you will need a SIM card to use this particular hotspot, and you can get one directly from Amazon. Most Japanese travel SIM cards come with some amount of free data and voice calls, so it comes highly recommended. Mobal is one of the most popular provider for tourists. The carrier’s SIM card will set you back by $19, and can be bought via Amazon without much delays. The SIM card comes with unlimited data, so you don’t have to worry about losing out on credit. Incoming calls are free, although you will have to deposit a certain amount of money to make outgoing calls. The carrier mentions that its prices are very reasonable.

Huawei/Keepgo Pocket Router

Also by Huawei, this particular WiFi hotspot is selling for $99. But unlike the offering mentioned above, this one comes with a SIM card by default, with 1GB of free high-speed data valid for one year (from the date of purchase). This data can be used in 70 countries across the world, including Japan. This particular option makes sense since you’re getting some data along with it. You can refill the data of the hotspot whenever you feel like it. If you find a cheaper option elsewhere, you can simply remove the SIM card on the device and add a new one.

The manufacturer promises to offer round the clock customer support. So should you face any issues with it, be sure to have your issues sorted in quick time.

Any Unlocked Smartphone

This is perhaps the simplest option available right now, and all it requires is your existing unlocked smartphone. You simply have to take your phone, use a Japanese SIM card, and you’re all set. This will ensure that you don’t have to invest heavily on a third party WiFi hotspot and ensure your family of a peaceful internet usage experience. Naturally, this option doesn’t apply to those without unlocked phones. But if you or someone present in the trip has an unlocked phone, this is the best option to go for. However, using hotspot for prolonged intervals can be quite taxing on the battery life. This is where hotspots can be really helpful as they can last for nearly 15-20 hours on a single charge.

If you plan to go the unlocked smartphone route, you will also need a compatible SIM card. You can get yourself started with the $19 Mobal SIM card we talked about above, as it works with practically any GSM phone. So if you’re planning a trip to Japan anytime soon, know that you have plenty of options with regards to getting internet connectivity in the region.

Best Pocket Wifi For Japan Link Brand Link Price on
Huawei Huawei E5770s-320 4G LTE 150 Mbps Mobile WiFi Pro 177.56
Keepgo Keepgo Global Lifetime 4G/LTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot 129
Mobal Japan Unlimited SIM by Mobal. Get Unlimited Data and a Japanese Number Check Price

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