SmartOmi OPTIMUS Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Review

Designed for cyclists but equally useful for parties, barbecues, and other indoor and outdoor activities, the SmartOmi OPTIMUS wireless Bluetooth speaker is the newest gadget from the creators of the SmartOmi Boots, fully wireless earbuds that recently surprised us with their fantastic sound quality and convenient form factor. Understandably, our hopes are high for the OPTIMUS to be yet another well-designed product from this young, innovative company.

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Smartomi SmartOmi OPTIMUS Wireless Bluetooth Speakers check price

Build and Design

At its core, the OPTIMUS isn’t all that different from other Bluetooth speakers on the market. The black, rugged body suggests the speaker’s fondness for the outdoors and active urban lifestyle. With the included bicycle mount and remote controller, you can easily take the speaker with you for a ride.

The remote controller includes a dedicated button that turns the speaker into a loud bicycle bell, so you can alert passers-by and avoid a collision. It also includes other buttons using which you can control your mobile phone and switch songs. A quick double-press of the main button on the controller activates Siri or Google Now for hands-free phone conversations.

But the OPTIMUS is more than a way how you can annoy people around you with your peculiar taste in music. The 6000mAh battery lasts 30 hours of uninterrupted play time, and the 5V/1A charging output lets you put the stored electricity to a good use. You can power charge your smartphone, LED light mounted on the handlebars, and so on.

Sound Quality

Any Bluetooth speaker that wants to be even remotely useful when riding outdoors on busy city streets and country roads must be loud. But loudness alone isn’t enough. The speaker must also handle the extra volume without any serious distortion. We are pleased to report that the OPTIMUS from SmartOmi passed our listening tests with flying colors.

The speaker is designed to emit sound in all directions, making it perfect for parties and small gatherings. Its rugged construction helps it survive curious children, hungry house pets, and all kinds of accidental drops. Built into the speaker is a high-definition microphone for hands-free phone calls and a TF card slot for your favorite music.

What’s in the Box

The SmartOmi OPTIMUS wireless speaker comes with a remote controller that you can mount on your bicycle, a 3.5mm audio cable, a USB cable for charging, and a bicycle mount compatible with all common bicycle frames.


  • Comes with a remote
  • Made for bicycle enthusiasts, bike holder for speaker included
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Long battery life
  • Great, loud sound
  • Built-in microphone
  • Retails for $79.99


  • No 2A output


The SmartOmi OPTIMUS has turned out to be a pretty amazing Bluetooth speaker for more than just cyclists. It works and sounds just as well as its competition, but it shines in terms of versatility and utility.

SmartOmi OPTIMUS Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Link Brand Link Price on
Smartomi SmartOmi OPTIMUS Wireless Bluetooth Speakers check price

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