What To Do When Samsung Galaxy S3 Shows Blank microSD Card

One of the most disappointing experiences many Samsung Galaxy S3 owners encountered since the release of the device was when everything in the microSD card was deleted. Others also complained after finding their card was blank. Here’s one emails from our reader:

Hey my Galaxy S3 just got a message that says SD card is blank. I apparently have lost everything on this SD card. I’ve read online that this is happening a lot to the S3. Is there a way to recover my SD card?


Basically, when it comes to this problem, there’s nothing much you can do than check the microSD card’s condition. Here’s how…

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#1. Reboot your phone. If this just happened to you, then try rebooting your phone first before you consider the thought that the microSD card was damaged. There were a lot of reports from owners claiming a reboot could fix this problem. Basically, the procedure works for minor or temporary device problems. If a restart remedies the issue, try to back everything up in your card because the problem might happen again and there might not be a next time when it happens.


#2. Let your computer read the card. If the phone sees your microSD card as a blank storage device, then let your computer confirm it. Take the card out, insert it into a card reader and plug it into your computer. Oftentimes, it wouldn’t take a minute to do so depending on how fast your computer could detect it. If there’s no problem with the card, the computer would display all your files. However, if the card was damaged, the computer will say so and recommend you reformat it.


#3. Reformat the microSD card. Now face it, if the computer couldn’t read from the SD card, it is either defective or just needs to be formatted. You can’t do anything but buy a new one if the case is the former. However, you should try the latter because that’s your last resort. Reformat the microSD card (FAT32) using your computer or phone and see if the phone could detect it after doing so. If not, then go with buying a new one.

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