Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Not Fast Charging Or Connecting To PC Issue & Other Related Problems

The #Samsung #Galaxy #Note4 is one of the popular models in the Note series of devices that was released back in 2014. Although this is already an old model it can still hold its ground in terms of performance when compared to the newer smartphones released in the market. Equipped with a Snapdragon 805 or Exynos 5433 ( depending on region) with 3GB of RAM apps run smoothly on this device. Its 16MP camera with OIS is also great for taking photos. Although a lot of people are using this phone as their reliable daily driver there are instances when certain issues can occur. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy Note 4 not fast charging or connecting to PC issue & other related problems.

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Note 4 Not Fast Charging Or Connecting To PC

Problem: Will not fast charge, or connect to pc. Feels like the port may be going bad? Charges super slow via pc or from two oem rapid charge enabled chargers. Tried multiple data cables that have worked fine up until a couple days ago. Problem seems to have started after ordering (and installing) an oem battery from ebay. Tried factory resetting from phone and from volume down + menu+power option. Debugging mode is enabled. Did use air duster to blow out USB port.

Solution: Try getting another battery to verify if the problem is caused by the battery you ordered. If the issue still persists then this could already be caused by a faulty charging port. You should get this checked at possibly replaced at a service center.

Note 4 Not Turning On After Getting Wet

Problem: Hi, I was wondering if you could help diagnose what my problem is: I dropped my phone the other day in the toilet, and after 6 hours (where i had dried with towel thinking it was dry) I put my phone in a bag or rice after I turned off the phone and took out the sd and battery. The phone initially turned on the morning after the drop in water, but now the phone wont turn on, and it seems it doesn’t recognise the battery as when i press the power button there’s not a vibration nor a screen identification if the logo showing up or the out of battery screen. What do you think the problem is? Thank you in advance, Jason

Solution: If your phone got wet then what you need to do is to try it by placing it in a bag or rice for 48 hours. The rice will absorb the moisture inside the phone. Once this is done try turning on the phone. If it does not turn on then try replacing the battery with a new one. Should the issue persist even with a new battery then you will need to bring this phone to a service center and have it checked as this could already be a hardware related problem.

Note 4 Battery Draining Rapidly

Problem: My battery was draining. I would close out apps but it didn’t help. . I put a new battery in and already it’s draining rapidly. It seems like it’s the updates. Maybe not … I have soft reset the phone. And put a new battery in and bought new chargers. Just writing this message has take a percent or 2.

Solution: There are two factors that can cause a battery drain problem that you haven’t checked yet. First, the microSD card. If your phone has a card installed then remove it then check if the problem still occurs. If the card has corrupt sectors then it’s possible that it can cause the battery drain problem since it will take some time for the phone to access the data stored in the card. Second, it could be a software related problem. Follow the steps listed below to check if this is the case. Immediately check if the issue still occurs after performing a step then move to the next one if it still does.

  • Start the phone in Safe Mode. Does the problem occur in this mode? If it does then it could be caused by an app. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.
  • Wipe the cache partition of the phone from the recovery mode.
  • Backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

Note 4 Charge With Samsung Compatible Charger Error

Problem: My note 4 is saying; phone can only be charged when using a Samsung compatible battery or charger when the charger is plugged in and will no longer accept a charge. I’ve tried switching out the block and swapping three different USB cords and still nothing. I’ve plugged the USB into the computer and still nothing.

Solution: Try cleaning the charging port of your phone with a can of compressed air. Make sure that any dirt or debris is removed from this port then check if the issue gets resolved. If the problem persists then do the following steps listed below.

  • Try doing a factory reset as the problem could be caused by a software glitch. Make sure to backup your phone data before doing the reset.
  • Try replacing the battery with a new one.

If the issue persists then this could be caused by a defective charging port assembly. Have this checked at a service center. If it is proven to be the one that is causing the problem then you should have the charging port replaced.

Note 4 Fast Charging Stopped Working

Problem: I was just reading your post about the fast charger not working for Note 4 smartphone and I don’t think any of those situations apply. I recently performed a factory reset to fix a different issue and the fast charger stopped working after that. I *just* bought a new fast charger adapter and new cord and a new battery and it’s still not working. It also doesn’t seem to matter what percentage the battery life is. I’ve done soft resets, checked the settings, cleaned the devices, everything short of another factory reset, which I would like to avoid. Please advise. The phone is about a year and a half old.

Solution: It looks like you have already performed all of the necessary troubleshooting steps for this particular problem. Have you made sure to enable the fast charging feature of the phone?

  • Tap apps
  • Tap Settings
  • Select Power saving
  • Enable the Fast charging option

If it is enable and the issue still occurs then you will need to have this checked at a service center.

Note 4 Not Charging Above 90%

Problem: I have discovered why my phone was not charging over 90 percent, it was due to a particular app. I found this out once I put the phone in safe mode and it charged to 100 percent. Now that I have figured out that it may be a app how do I go about figuring out which app is causing it to not charge completely?

Solution: You will have to do a trial and error method to find out the exact app that is causing this problem. Uninstall one app then check if the problem still occurs. If it does then uninstall another app until you get to the point where the problem does not occur anymore. The last app that you uninstalled is causing the problem.

Another way to do this is to simply do a factory reset. Make sure to backup your phone data before doing a reset.

Note 4 Turns Off With Battery Life Left

Problem: I have a galaxy note edge. I Purchased it refurbished about a year ago. In the 6 months it dying @ 30 then 40 and so on and so forth….I replaced the battery and it worked fine then my charger port broke. My boyfriend replaced the Port and it was fine. Now 1 month later it’s dying 80 percent. I reset it and it’s dying.

Solution: Does your phone have a microSD card installed? If it does then try removing the card as this could be causing the problem.

It’s also possible that the problem is caused by a software glitch. To check if this is the case you will need to do a factory reset. Make sure to backup your phone data before doing the reset.

One last troubleshooting step you can do if the above steps fail is to replace the battery. If this fails to fix the problem then you should bring your phone to a service center and have it checked.

Note 4 Screen Goes Black

Problem: My note 4 started just turning off at random times but now I can’t even turn it on it’ll have the galaxy note screen but won’t go past that and just go black. I’ve tried the reset ,it seemed to be working but when it got to the screen of the reboot downloading it would just go black again.

Solution: If a factory reset fails to fix the problem then try checking if it occurs when the phone is connected to its charger. If it doesn’t then you should try to replace the battery. Should the problem persist then you should consider flashing your phone with its stock firmware file. You can download the file from the Sammobile website where you can also find instructions on how to flash your phone.

Note 4 Bootloop After Taking Phone To Shower

Problem: Okay so i was about to take a shower and i wanted music. So i set it on the counter in my restroom and and had the door closed. When i got out i started using in again , it began to shut down and start back up it began the boot loop. Everything i tried online didn’t help what’s the solution.

Solution:  It looks like this problem is caused by moisture that has entered your phone. You should dry your phone first by placing it in a bag of rice for at least 48 hours. When you do this make sure to remove the battery, SIM, and microSD card. Once this is done charge your phone first for at least 20 minutes then check if it turns on. If it doesn’t then you will have to bring your phone to a service center and have it checked.

Note 4 Freezes Drains Quickly

Problem: Hi, My galaxy note 4 has a series of issues. 1- when the home button is pushed it takes about 15-20 seconds before coming on 2-when playing games the battery runs out quickly and once it gets to about 35% it turns off and won’t let me turn it back on unless I remove and replace the battery 3-when online it just sometimes drops and I lose whatever I’m looking at or working on without warning. Those are the main three but there is so much more.  Are all galaxy note 4s so temperamental?  I only got it for the 16mp camera.

Solution: The best way to proceed in this case is to remove the microSD card of the phone the do a factory reset. Make sure to backup your phone data before doing the reset. If the problem still occurs after the reset then you should try replacing the battery with a new one. Should this fail to fix the problem then I suggest you bring the phone to a service center and have it checked.

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