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How to Shop with Bitcoins at Major Stores Like Amazon

Bitcoin is soaring to record highs, which means that many more major stores will soon, finally, start accepting this game-changing cryptocurrency both online and at their checkout lines. But you don’t need to wait for that to happen to shop with your Bitcoins at major stores like Amazon, Lowe’s, Best Buy, Nordstrom, Target, and many others.

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With nothing but your Android device, you can securely and quickly exchange Bitcoins for gift cards, and either give them to your friends and family as last-minute gifts, or use them to reward yourself with something nice. Here are our top 3 favorite gift card apps for Android that accept Bitcoins:


Endorsed by Ellen DeGeneres on her TV show, Gyft is a popular gift card service and a mobile app that’s currently accepted by over 200 retailers. Gyft accepts debit and credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and, of course, Bitcoin. With Gyft, you can instantly send gift cards to friends and family, save your gift cards in your Gyft Wallet to track balances and access them from your computer or smartphone, and use your gift cards straight from your phone with the Gyft app.

Buying a gift card with Gyft is simple: just select a retailer from the long list of available options, choose the value of the gift card, and pay for the gift card with any accepted payment method, such as Bitcoin. Gyft also cooperates with businesses, allowing them to easily purchase gift cards in bulk to use as rewards for their employees or as customer loyalty incentives. Developers are encouraged to take advantage of the Gyft API to integrate Gyft’s gift card solution with their mobile apps.


Purse is a Bitcoin-powered marketplace for gift cards that connects people with excessive gift cards together with people who would like to purchase goods using Bitcoin. On a typical purchase, Purse can save you up to 30 percent when buying something from Amazon. The app even lets you import your entire Amazon wishlist and name your discount to save even more.

Naturally, you can also use Purse to exchange any gift cards you happen to have and don’t need for Bitcoins. But Purse’s vision goes far beyond gift cards. The marketplace wants to become the go-to place where merchants go to sell their products for Bitcoins, eliminating the middleman and potentially saving a lot of money they would otherwise spent on bank fees.


With gift cards from over 255 brands, eGifter is a great option for buying gift cards and earning attractive rewards. eGifter supports gift cards from Whole Foods, eBay, GameStop, Pandora, Staples, Toys R Us, and many others. The gift cards you purchase using the service can be customized with a personalized text or video message, making them excellent last-moment gifts. If you have existing gift cards just lying around, you can scan and upload them to eGifter, and have the app automatically track the amounts and expiration dates on the cards. The more you use eGifter, the more rewards and free gift cards you can earn.

Interested in investing in Bitcoins or other Altcoins?

Here’s how we buy Bitcoin and Ethers. You will receive $10 of FREE BITCOIN when you buy or sell over $100 worth of any digital currency.

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