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5 Best Portable Photo Printers In 2018 For Android

Printers have been around for quite some time now. However, most of them require a lengthy connection process and can be quite tricky to use. This is where portable photo printers come into the action. In addition to allowing you to take excellent photos, these units are also incredibly easy to carry around. Basically letting you take photos in any location, like a coffee shop for example. These printers leverage wireless printing (using Bluetooth, WiFi or NFC) that’s available by default on Android devices. There are a handful of portable photo printers that you can get in the market today, so it makes sense to pick the best one.

Best Portable Photo Printers

These wireless printers can be likened to Polaroids of the past which allowed you to print out images without requiring any additional accessories. These are not cameras, however, so you can only use it as a medium to print your photos. Say you want to print out a beautiful picture you took from your phone, you simply have to get the printer out and have it ready in no time.

5 best portable photo printers in 2017 for Android

HP Sprocket

Coming from one of the leading names in the printer business, the Sprocket lets you print out 2 x 3 images from its slender exterior. The company has a dedicated HP Sprocket app which allows you to connect to your social media accounts so that you can print pictures conveniently. The app also lets you add some nice little filters and make other edits to the photos before you print them, giving your images a unique touch.

HP recommends you to use the official HP ZINK sticky-backed photo paper to print photos on this portable printer so as to get the best results. The fact that it functions on Bluetooth means you can even let your friends and family use the printer to get some pictures printed on the fly. This product from HP has all its bases covered, which is not really a surprise given that HP is known for its quality of products. Finding photo paper for the Sprocket might not be an easy job, although you should be able to find it online. The Sprocket can be bought for $129.99 from Amazon, which is pretty decent considering the kind of functions it offers. A product like this can be a great companion for your vacations and picnics.

Polaroid ZIP

This offering from Polaroid lets you take 2 x 3 photos just like any other portable printer. However, it comes with a pretty attractive exterior, and is available in multiple colors, allowing you to pick the best one suited to your tastes. Polaroid promises that the printer can take smudge-free photos as well. Images can be captured using Bluetooth or even NFC, although we prefer the former. This one too works with ZINK papers, which is a hassle free way of printing photos as it doesn’t have ink. Weighing just over 185 grams, the ZIP is pretty easy to carry around as well.

Much like the HP offering, the Polaroid ZIP comes with a dedicated app of its own for Android and iOS, allowing you to conveniently print photos from your smartphone or tablet. This aspect is what makes modern day portable printers such a joy to use. Polaroid is offering the printer in Black, Blue, White, and Red color variants. Setting up the printer takes barely minutes as you’re only required to pair it with your smartphone to start printing beautiful photos. This printer is priced at $129.99 as well, spoiling users for choice. You can get it from Amazon right away.

Kodak Dock

As the name suggests, the Kodak Dock comes with a built-in dock to set your phone on top of the printer for easy and convenient printing on the go. The printer comes with an Android dock pin, as well as an iOS compatible lightning adapter, which means you can use both iPhones and Android devices with this dock. This device is capable of printing photos in 4 x 6. Given that it can take slightly larger photos, the printer is slightly bigger in size as well. This is not much of a problem, to be honest. You can hook up the printer with the Kodak Photo Printer app to modify your pictures and print them with relative ease.

The availability of mobile apps is what makes these portable printers a must have, as they cut down on the additional work that goes behind printing a photograph. The app also allows you to make collages, add stickers or emoji to your images and much more. The dock can also charge multiple devices at once, which is pretty amazing for something like a printer. This coupled with the array of other features it comes with makes the Kodak Dock printer a must have in this segment. The printer will set you back by $139.99 and can be snatched up from Amazon right away.

Kodak Mini Mobile

Basically a smaller version of the Kodak Dock and comes with pretty much the same functions as its bigger sibling, the Kodak Mini Mobile lets you print photos in 2.1 X 3.4, which is slightly bigger than the photos that a conventional portable printer can offer, but significantly smaller than what the Kodak Dock can print. Using NFC One tech, the device can print out beautiful photos in a matter of photos. This is a hardware dependent feature, so it will only work if your device has NFC on board. Further, you can use your devices to print photos over WiFi. This printer uses Kodak’s PMC Cartridges to print photos, which is a combination of color and paper ink. You can purchase refill cartridges in a variety of sizes, including 20, 30 or 52 photos.

Much like the device mentioned above, this one too is compatible with the Kodak Photo Printer app. Naturally, you can make some modifications to the photo in the form of filters, emoji etc. Kodak promises that photos printed on the Kodak Mini will last up to 10 years thanks to its fingerprint and humidity resistance properties. Hooking up the printer is pretty easy as well, since you can set it up via WiFi as well as Bluetooth. You can get the printer from Amazon for $99.99.

SkyMall Mobile Printer

The SkyMall Mobile Printer is yet another mobile printer allowing you to get the best photos on the go. You can print photos via NFC, WiFi Direct or just plain WiFi. Much like the other printers on this list, this one too offers a free mobile app bringing forth a myriad of editing options to the fore. You will only get one cartridge with the device which can print about 10 photos. So you won’t be able to do much with just this product alone and might have to purchase some cartridges almost immediately. Given the size of the device, it’s understandable as to why you can’t have too many photos from one cartridge. This is the sacrifice customers have to make for being able to carry around the printer and take smooth photos almost anywhere within a matter of seconds.

SkyMall talks about something known as the Photo Preservation Overcoat Layer, which will apparently keep your photos safe from fading in the long run. This is pretty vital as photographs don’t last forever. As a rule of thumb, it always makes sense to have a digital copy of pictures, so that you can print one out whenever you need. This way, you can keep your photos forever. This particular printer is available in Black, White, and Pink. The Black and White models will set you back by $69.99 whereas the Pink variant is priced at $99.99. All variants can be bought via Amazon.

Best Portable Photo Printers

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