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5 best health information apps to guide you if you’re not feeling well

Given the frequent fluctuations in weather, it’s likely that some of us or our loved ones feel a little under the weather. Not only that, but there could be some serious diseases wandering around us, with no knowledge on how it impacts us. This is why it’s very crucial to have prior knowledge about things that are plaguing us secretly or evidently. While there’s no sure shot way to be alerted when we are going to be sick, there are services out there that let us check symptoms online and make sure we get the attention we deserve before it’s too late.

Thanks to the advancements made with mobile technology today, we can have these details on our fingertips with the help of a few applications out there. We are going to discuss five symptom checking applications available on the Google Play Store that could be valuable to practically everyone out there. These apps will only let you know what your symptoms suggest, and you will still require to head over to a doctor for a detailed analysis. But having that information can save your lives at times. Let’s check these apps out.

5 best health information apps to guide you if you’re not feeling well

Your.MD: Health Guide

Your MD helps you get detailed symptoms within a few clicks. You can check your precise symptoms and get an early diagnosis at your fingertips using this app. It’s not as good as going to a doctor, however, but when you’re alone and are concerned with a bug that’s bitten you or any other condition, checking your symptoms pretty quickly can help a great deal. This particular app also comes with offline mode, so you don’t necessarily need an internet connection to check your symptoms.

If you have a preexisting condition like migraines, the app can notify you to follow up on your illness. This makes sure you stay right on top of the issue and don’t neglect it even momentarily. The OneStop Health feature allows you to find the best medical help you can get in your area, allowing you to get a very good idea of which doctor to visit in your vicinity. The app is completely free to download, and the developers plan to make it stay that way. There are no ads or in-app purchases either, so what you see is what you get here. The app is compatible with devices running Android 4.1 and up, covering a wide range of smartphones and tablets out there.

iTriage Health

This is pretty much the same as the app we talked about above, as it covers a wide range of illnesses and diseases. The app helps you understand your symptoms quickly, allowing you to then check the best treatment that you need to get, and also the doctors or hospitals around you that can help. The app was started off by two ER doctors, and has a massive medical database, covering almost every disease/illness known to us. All of the content on the app is screened by the Harvard Medical School, so you know you’re getting the best here.

The app also helps you find out the wait times for most emergency rooms, allowing you to plan your trips to the hospital accordingly. Overall, this is the one app that you need to have if you have any preexisting conditions, or if you just want that extra layer of security in your life. You can also use this as a full blown medical dictionary, helping you find the exact term for a condition you have or have heard about. As the app we talked about above, this app too is completely free, devoid of ads or in-app purchases. iTriage Health covers a larger portion of the Android population as it is compatible with devices running Android 2.3 and higher.


One of the most popular symptom checking apps out there, WebMD is the app everyone needs to have right now. The term WebMD is so popular since it’s been around for a long time and is often the first choice when someone is sick and they want to confirm their symptoms. The app is somewhat lacking compared to the newer crop of apps that have appeared, but it still remains the most trusted app out there. When it comes to symptom checkers, pretty much every app is the same, so it all comes down to personal preference really.

WebMD also comes with a unique pill identification tool, allowing you to identify a pill with just the shape, color and the imprint on it. Having a receipt helps a great deal as well. This could be incredibly handy if you or someone you know bought a pill recently and doesn’t know what it’s for. You can also create a custom list, highlighting your conditions, medications and other suitable actions that have to be taken. I firmly believe that all these apps make a good addition on your Android device, so be sure to try it out. Unlike the other apps we talked about here, WebMD comes with ads, although the app is free to download. There are no in-app purchases, so you can’t get rid of them either. The app will work on any device that’s running Android 4.0.3 or up.


This app offers a personalized medical database for your illnesses. Names and data are anonymized so you don’t have to worry about breach of information. Your personal information remains completely safe with Ada. You can ask the app about practically any symptom you’re having, making it a one stop destination for all your medical questions. Since the app is tailored to work for a particular user, it will give the information specific to you. This in addition to the easy to use UI makes for a breezy experience for everyone. The app has been downloaded nearly 5 million times, so it’s quite popular in the marketplace. It’s free to download, and there are no ads here.

Disorder & Diseases Dictionary

This is a quite simple app compared to the rest here since it is merely a medical dictionary of sorts. This means that you get exactly what you want and if you’re studying medicine, an app like this can come of good use. You can also use this app to check what your symptoms could be called, and will help you put a name on your ailment. You can even get detailed symptoms for a particular condition, helping you narrow down your search. The app comes with an easy to use user interface, which is key with medical apps. It’s free to download although you will have to contend with ads. There are in-app purchases here as well. You will need a device running Android 4.0 to use this app.

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