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5 best universal wallet and purse phone case for Galaxy S7 and more

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the most popular Android smartphones from 2016. Although we’re nearing the release of a successor, the smartphone is undoubtedly one of the best handsets you can get right now. Several of us already own the smartphone, though. So how do we go about protecting them? Forget your silicone cases or armored covers, how do you conveniently carry it around without the device feeling like a burden on you? Well, for this very reason there are a handful of covers which also double as a purse or a wallet. Let’s have a look at some of the best selling online right now.

Best Wallet Phone Case

Best universal wallet and purse phone case for Galaxy S7 and more

CardNinja Wallet Cover

The CardNinja Wallet Cover serves most functions for the customers, especially since it’s super thin. So you don’t have to worry about the case adding more bulk to your bag or pocket. The ability to carry your credit cards along with it makes it a pretty good case to own. Of course, it’s pretty attractive looking as well, so you won’t be ashamed to show it off in front of your friends.

It’s available in a total of 11 colors, which means you will probably be spoilt for choice when you head over to the retailer page to pick this one up. What makes CardNinja’s cover an interesting choice is the fact that it has been reviewed by some of the biggest names in tech. The manufacturer claims that you can use this cover even with an existing case on board. So if you’re one to want additional protection for your device, in addition to storing your credit cards, this one has to be the obvious choice.

ZZYBIA Wristlet Clutch

The Zzybia Wristlet Clutch phone case is more of a fashion statement really. If you’re seeking something that’s an attractive covering for your Galaxy S7, and also a very appealing clutch, this is perhaps a good fit. It comes with a total of six compartments, two for money, the remaining four for your credit cards. Since it’s a generic card holder, you can also store your license or other important cards with this case. There’s a zippered compartment on the back of the wallet for coins, so you’ll find that space is not a problem for this particular clutch.

Not only does this make your existing wallet obsolete to some extent, but also lets you carry your smartphone in style. If you’re looking for a more minimalistic look, the seller has a plain black version. However, the Black/White variant is my personal favorite. This is a multi-functional wallet that can easily store all your money and cards, so we recommend it highly.

ViVi Wallet Clutch

Yet another wallet/clutch hybrid, the ViVi Wallet Clutch is pretty much the same as the ZZYBIA, but comes in a flurry of attractive colors. Naturally, the design is different as well, so you will find that it’s not the same as the aforementioned clutch. The product description says that you can store any phone of 3.5-inch to 6.25-inch in size, which covers a broad spectrum of handsets. This means your Galaxy S7 should fit quite comfortably within this clutch.

There’s a Regular version of the clutch as well, which is slightly smaller and can house devices with screen sizes of up to 5-inches. While this might not be appealing to many, it’s nice to know there’s the option. We would recommend the Large version for owners of the Galaxy S7, however.


A slightly professional looking purse, this particular accessory can be matched with the formal look meant for office or important meetings. While it might not strike the fancy of fashion lovers, it’s certainly one of the best covers you can get if you want to match utility with appearance. If you want to spice things up a little bit, you can pick one of the 20+ colors that are available from the retailer. Keeping this in mind, we suggest you pay close attention to this particular cover here as you don’t often find something like this.

In addition to offering the purse, the seller will also give you a free stylus and a cleaning cloth with the product. As for the case itself, the innards are made using soft material that can avoid scratches and other minor damages on the smartphone. There are a total of four compartments here which should fit a couple of credit cards and some spare money, should you need it. Much like the other covers on this list, this one too supports large devices like phablets.


The ultimate travelers bag/case, Aapporto has designed a gem here. While it might be lacking in terms of appearance, it can hold almost every large sized device. The design and the materials used in its making ensure that your smartphone stays covered and protected at all times. It is also worth noting that this bag can hold most smartphones even with their cases on. The sling used for the bag is pretty large as well, so you can adjust it according to your liking.

One of the promotional images shows that the bag can be buckled onto your trousers during jogs or runs, thus expanding the utility of this particular cover. The manufacturer is selling the case in only one color, so you don’t have much to choose from here. Your phone is protected by the primary zipper located on the top. There’s another zipper on the front, which can be used to keep your cards, cash, and coins.

Best Wallet Phone Case

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