You’ll have to wait until January 21 to get an Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

The #AmazonEcho is a popular device for the Holidays. Thanks to the Alexa voice assistant, users can get a lot more done with just their voice. However, you will have to wait for at least a month if you want to get the Echo for yourself or your loved ones. This is according to the official Echo page on Amazon, which says the product will only be in stock by the 21st of January.

Luckily, customers will be able to avail the holiday season discount for pre-orders as well, which means you can get the Echo for just $139.99, though the delivery will be by late January 2017. The Amazon Echo Dot will be in stock by the 27th of December, while the Amazon Tap is still up for grabs, so you’re not too late if you want to buy either of these two devices.

Analysts and experts have predicted that Google Home could benefit by the absence of Amazon Echo. The product is still very much in stock, so for the people who can’t get the Echo, Home will naturally be an alternative. Have you purchased or pre-ordered any of these products yet?

Source: Amazon

Via: Phone Arena