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User names his mobile hotspot ‘Galaxy Note 7’, causes flight delay

Galaxy Note 7

The #Samsung #GalaxyNote7 is all but gone off the shelves now, with only a handful of customers still using the device. A passenger onboard a Virgin America flight from San Francisco decided to test his sense of humor by naming his mobile hotspot “Galaxy Note 7_1097”. Mid-way through the flight, fellow passengers and crew noticed this name appearing on their list of WiFi devices and immediately decided to take action.

The onboard authorities apparently asked the user to come forward, failing which they would have to manually search all the bags for the non-existent Galaxy Note 7. The crew mentioned that the flight would have to be diverted to Wyoming for an emergency landing if no one stepped forward. This entire episode resulted in the flight getting delayed, with some of the passengers voicing their frustrations on social media. The airline was headed to Boston, so it wasn’t exactly a short flight.

It goes without saying that authorities do not take pranks like this very lightly. So let this be a reminder to all that the Galaxy Note 7 isn’t something to joke around with unless you want to get into serious trouble with the authorities. Traveling with the Galaxy Note 7 onboard a flight is a federal crime in the United States.

Source: BBC News

Via: The Verge


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