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Some more stylus enabled Chromebooks could be on the cards

Samsung Chromebook Pro

The #Samsung #ChromebookPro is a stylus enabled #Chromebook. Many assumed that this would be one of a kind and that it was sort of an experiment. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with internal Chromium commits hinting that there could be more on the way, especially ones with Wacom made digitizers. While Samsung is currently one of the only names in modern stylus tech, it wouldn’t surprise us if more companies followed suit.

Bear in mind that this is still an internal commit and Google is yet to fully acknowledge this. So it could take some time before we see this becoming a trend among Chromebooks. Stylus support will certainly attract those who seek to get more out of their notebooks. Given that the Surface series of hybrids already support this tech, it makes sense for Google to take this route. Do you like the idea of stylus enabled Chromebooks? Sound off below.

Source: Chromium

Via: Android Headlines

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