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Samsung Pay brings new rewards program for American customers

Samsung Pay - Verizon

While #SamsungPay has supported loyalty cards from other providers, it is taking a slightly different step today by unveiling its own rewards program in the U.S. Samsung Pay reward points will be added after every purchase that the customer makes using the platform, including in-app purchases. This means you can accrue quite a lot of points, which can then be redeemed in the form of gift cards from popular stores across the country, vouchers and even in the form of Samsung products.

There are three tiers in this particular rewards program, letting you gain double, triple or quadruple points. It’s a pretty exciting program for customers who tend to do a lot of shopping on Samsung Pay. Since it covers even the smallest purchase made using the platform, users stand to benefit greatly here.

Not only will this make Samsung Pay an alternative to conventional payment methods, but it will also encourage more users to breach the wireless payments barrier simply to get in on the rewards program.

Source: Samsung

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