OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T to get Nougat update before the end of 2016

OnePlus 3T

With the #OnePlus3T going official earlier today, customers of the #OnePlus3 were concerned that the company would start focusing more on the newly launched device. This is a concern mainly because the OnePlus 3 is awaiting the Android 7.0 Nougat update.

However, the company has assured customers that the OnePlus 3 will receive the update by the end of 2016, and so will the OnePlus 3T. OnePlus reassured the customers that the OnePlus 3T is merely a variant of the OnePlus 3, hence the updates and any software patches will be sent out together.

The company is expected to receive some flak in the coming days for releasing a new flagship just a few months after launching the OnePlus 3. Although we’re not aware of the company’s reasoning behind this, it seems like OnePlus wanted to be ready for the holiday season with a brand new phone packed with the latest hardware underneath.

We still don’t have a date to mark on our calendars, but the update can be expected sometime in December.