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Nokia expresses optimism about the future with new devices on the horizon

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Since #Nokia sold its hardware division to #Microsoft a couple of years ago, things have been relatively calm for the Finnish giant. While focusing on enterprise solutions and licensing of intellectual property, the company was well aware that its non-compete clause with Microsoft comes to a close in 2016. The manufacturer has already released a tablet in China, with Foxconn handling the manufacturing of the device.

Mike Wang, President of Nokia Networks has now mentioned in China that the company will launch multiple devices over the coming months with high-end hardware on board. He mentioned that the company has already invested $350 million towards the infrastructure needed to make this happen. The phones will still be produced by Foxconn, and Nokia will not directly be responsible for the devices. However, with its branding on board, the company can hope to tap into the fans of the company’s hardware.

Rumors and leaks have mentioned that Nokia’s new wave of devices will arrive by late 2016 or early next year. But if we were to give a prediction, it seems like the company will showcase its new devices at the CES 2017 event in Las Vegas.

Source: The Paper (Translated)

Via: Pocketnow

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