Huawei aims to climb to the #2 spot by overtaking Apple


#Huawei has emerged as one of the top manufacturers in the global smartphone market. Thanks to its popularity in Asian and European markets, the manufacturer has made giant inroads in the mobile segment. With a North American presence established since the past two years, things are looking good Stateside as well.

The company’s Consumer Business executive, Richard Yu, has mentioned that the company plans to climb up the ladder and take over Apple’s #2 spot in the mobile industry. One has to consider the fact that Apple only sells premium smartphones, while Huawei has a variety of phones ranging from mid-range to high-end offerings. So from Huawei’s perspective, this is a very realistic target.

It should only be a matter of time before Huawei takes over that second spot. Samsung has been dominating the smartphone market for quite some time now, although Apple is still fairly ahead in terms of overall profits.

Source: Reuters

Via: Phone Arena