HTC Bolt leaks out in Black


We’ve heard about the #HTCBolt for quite some time now. This device is expected to be a #Sprint exclusive variant of the #HTC10 with some enhanced features on board. Well, the device will apparently be known as the HTC 10 EVO when it breaks cover in the U.S. according to a new leak. This report is accompanied by a picture of the device itself, giving us a very good idea of the smartphone.

What’s interesting here is that it appears to have Sprint’s logo as its wallpaper, thus making it clear that this is indeed going to be a carrier exclusive in the U.S. This would come as good news for customers of Sprint, who have been deprived of decent flagships in recent times.

While the HTC 10 EVO might not be enough to turn Sprint’s fortunes around, it is no doubt going to bring a lot of good news for the carrier. We are hoping that the device will have some upgrades on board so as to differentiate it from the standard HTC 10.

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Via: Techno Buffalo