Hover Zoom feature won’t work after restarting Galaxy Note 4, other Note 4 issues

We’ve been covering all sorts of #GalaxyNote4 issues for about 2 years now but sometimes, there are still problems that we don’t anticipate to encounter. For example, it’s only now that we’ve heard of Hover Zoom feature to malfunction. Aside from this issue, we also bring you 6 other ones that had been reported since last week. Hopefully, our solutions will help our readers mentioned in this material, as well as those having similar issues but preferred not to contact us directly.

For those looking to see if their issues are mentioned before, please visit our main Galaxy Note 4 troubleshooting page.


In the meantime, these are the topics we cover in today’s post:

  1. Galaxy Note 4 won’t read encrypted SD card
  2. Galaxy Note 4 can’t install Android update
  3. Cannot use Galaxy Note 4 due to Factory Reset Protection (FRP)
  4. Hover Zoom feature won’t work after restarting Galaxy Note 4
  5. Galaxy Note 4 videos runs at superfast speed when previewed
  6. Galaxy Note 4 keeps showing errors about apps not working
  7. Galaxy Note 4 shuts down on its own after flashing stock firmware

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Problem #1: Galaxy Note 4 won’t read encrypted SD card

Hi. i have Samsung Note 4 which i am using for more than 18 months. A couple of months back i have inserted 128GB SD card and it was working fine. At certain point i encrypted the SD card and it was working fine until yesterday. I have captured a video for say 3 minutes and after that it was showing on top SD Card Encrypting and i thought that since the video is big it is taking a long time. wake up this morning and still it shows the same and i could not see any of my files in gallery. Went through my folders option and SD card is not showing there but it shows SD card is ready. restarted the phone and tried a lot but it is showing the same, few hours back i tried to decrypt the SD card but it says “Error Decryption SD Card.” i inserted the SD card through a computer and i can see all the files but could not access. Please help me to recover my files. — Fhirnaz

Solution: Hi Fhirnaz. The only device that can help you recover your files is your Galaxy Note 4. An encrypted SD card can only be read by the device that encrypted it in the first place. If your Note 4 no longer is no longer able to read the SD card properly or can’t even decrypt it, that’s unfortunate. That means that those files are good as gone. The only suggestion that we can think of is to refresh the system cache. If that won’t work either, an unknown glitch may have caused the phone to suddenly lose the ability to decrypt or read the SD card.

For reference, below are the steps on how to wipe the cache partition:

  • Turn off the Galaxy Note 4 completely.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up and the Home keys together, then press and hold the Power key.
  • When the Note 4 vibrates, release both the Home and Power keys but continue holding the Volume Up key.
  • When the Android System Recovery shows on the screen, release the Volume Up key.
  • Using the Volume Down key, highlight the option ‘wipe cache partition’ and press the Power key to select it.
  • When the wiping of the cache partition is finished, highlight Reboot system now and hit the power key.

Problem #2: Galaxy Note 4 can’t install Android update

Hey. I’m having an issue with the Note 4 updating. I’m currently running Android 5.1.1 from T-Mobile. Every time I try and do the update it looks like the update downloads fine and prompts me that my phone will do a restart. This is where the issue happens. As soon it restarts in the top left corner it says something about system rebooting written in blue and my phone continues the start up process like it normally would and goes to the my lock screen. After I unlock my phone a pop up comes up and says the update couldn’t be done and then I get the option to send the report which vary in size from time to time. I have tried using smart switch which doesn’t work. And I also did a factory reset on my phone and unfortunately doesn’t work as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. — Ron

Solution: Hi Ron. There are a number of requirements in order for a device to download and install Android update. Make sure that all items are covered in your case.

  • Phone must have a minimum of 3GB internal (not SD card) space. In some cases, at least 6GB may be needed depending on how big the APK file is and how much more is needed once the system starts to open the compressed files.
  • Battery must have at least 70% left to ensure that the power won’t cut off while the system is doing some critical changes.
  • Good internet connection during the download to ensure that the phone receives the complete set of files. If you’re using mobile data to download the update, switch to a more reliable wi-fi network.

Once you have all these three things taken care of, do another round of factory reset before attempting to install the update again. Make sure you don’t install any app.

If the installation fails again, visit your local T-Mobile store and let them manually update the phone for you.

Problem #3: Cannot use Galaxy Note 4 due to Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

Here is my problem. I’ve been trying to bypass the FRP on a Galaxy Note 4. I got it from my sister-in-law a couple months ago. She doesn’t remember the email or pass code for it because it was just her old work phone and she set it up hastily because she uses a iPhone and that is what she is used to. She has tried taking it to Best Buy reps but they can’t do it because she doesn’t remember the email and all they will tell her is the first letter to it. So since i inherited this phone I’ve been trying to unlock it to use for my myself. I’ve tried the OTG and stuff but nothing seems to get me by. Samsung won’t do it cause she no longer has a proof of purchase. I don’t want this phone to go to waste. it has wizard setup and its a pain. help me please. — Cody

Solution: Hi Cody. If the original owner can’t provide the Google account credentials for this phone, it’s good as useless. Samsung can’t help you in this case either, even if you can present a proof of purchase. The only hack we know then was to insert an OTG cable to hopefully trick the phone into thinking that a user is trying to update it manually, or trying to access the memory. As mentioned in our previous posts where this trick was suggested, Samsung may eventually get wind of it and patch it up. If this trick no longer works in your Note 4, then Samsung may have already updated the software to prevent this hack from working. We are not aware of any other similar hacks so right now, that Note 4 of yours is just an expensive paperweight. We’ll update this post once we’ll come across another effective way to bypass FRP.

Problem #4: Hover Zoom feature won’t work after restarting Galaxy Note 4

Hello. Recently I started using Hover Zoom on my Samsung Note 4. With this feature enabled, the area directly underneath my S Pen is magnified which is exactly what I need. My problem is that when I power off and on my handphone, Hover Zoom stops working even though the feature is enabled in accessibility menu. I have to disable and enable the feature in accessibility menu before Hover Zoom works again. Each time my handphone is powered on I have to do this. Is this a bug or something else please? My Note 4 runs on Android Marshmallow OS and Nova Launcher. Thanks in advance. — Roger

Solution: Hi Roger. Did you do something different before you noticed this problem? Did you install an Android update or install some app updates or apps lately? If you did, try to refresh the cache partition first to see if it works. Steps are provided above.

Afterwards, you can also try to check if a third party application is causing the problem by booting the phone in safe mode. Because safe mode disables third party services, processes, and apps, it’s a must do in this situation. To do that, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the phone completely.
  • Press and hold the Power key and the Volume Down key.
  • When the phone starts to boot, release the Power key but continue holding the Volume Down key until the phone finished restarting.
  • Safe mode will be display at the lower left corner; you may release the Volume Down key now.
  • Remember, if the issue won’t occur while safe mode is enabled, that’s proof that one of the apps is causing the trouble. You need to uninstall apps individually in order to identify the culprit. Make sure that you observe how Hover Zoom works after every uninstall.

Finally, if nothing seems to change after wiping the cache partition and booting in safe mode, don’t hesitate to try factory reset. There may be an operating system glitch that developed for some unknown reasons. To factory reset your Note 4, follow these steps:

  • Create a backup of your important files and contacts.
  • Turn off the Galaxy Note 4 completely.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up and the Home keys together, then press and hold the Power key.
  • When the Note 4 vibrates, release both the Home and Power keys but continue holding the Volume Up key.
  • When the Android System Recovery shows on the screen, release the Volume Up key.
  • Using the Volume Down key, highlight ‘wipe data / factory reset’ and press the Power key to select it.
  • Now highlight ‘Yes — delete all user data’ using the Volume Down key and press the Power key to begin the reset.
  • When the master reset is complete, highlight ‘Reboot system now’ and hit the Power key.
  • The Note 4 will restart but it will be longer than usual. When it reaches the Home screen, then begin your setup.

Problem #5: Galaxy Note 4 videos runs at superfast speed when previewed

I read your article about the problems and solutions, and i didn’t find solution about the problem am having. I make lip-sync videos on musical.ly app and i also make videos on Snapchat and B612 app. So the problem is when i finish making videos and when the video previews, it’s superfast on all of the apps i mentioned above. They’re not recorded in superfast speed. It just previews them really fast

So i have to save them to see the result which costs like double time and it’s so annoying. Can you please help me solve it? I’ll be very grateful if you replied 🙂 — Hamxa

Solution: Hi Hamxa. We tried to install all the apps you’re having trouble with in our own Note 4 and the previews of videos taken all play in normal speed. This means that there’s no inherent issue in these apps, which also means that the problem may be unique to your device. There may be another app that you’ve installed that forces the previews of videos to run at a faster rate. To check, do a factory reset and observe how, say, B612 preview works. Make sure that you only install B612 app during this time. If the issue won’t occur, that’s a confirmation that our guess is correct.

If the problem remains in your phone though, we suggest that you contact the developers of the apps involved so they can check into it.

Problem #6: Galaxy Note 4 keeps showing errors about apps not working

Hello! I’m having problems with this phone. When on, it shows the crash messages for various apps, regardless of whether I use them or not, e.g. “Unfortunately, ____ has stopped working.” It ranges from downloaded apps (Spotify, Youtube, etc.) to pre-installed default apps. Sometimes after these messages, the phone shuts down. Sometimes with the Samsung shutdown animation, sometimes without it. After it has shutdown/crashed, it doesn’t restart, and I cannot power it on using the power-button, and the power/vol-up/home button method won’t work either. Only after a long time >20 mins, can it start up.

In response I did a factory reset, as i thought it was one of the apps, but even during the setting-up stage the app crash message showed and the phone crashed again. Help! — Luke

Solution: Hi Luke. There must be a hardware malfunction that causes the software to behave erratically. That the pop-ups keep showing even after a factory reset and during the initial setup is a strong indication that software may not to blame. Contact Samsung or any relevant party for options on how to replace the phone.

Problem #7: Galaxy Note 4 shuts down on its own after flashing stock firmware

Hello. I have Samsung Note 4 Edge. My phone was working fine and then i rooted my device but again i went back to official Samsung firmware. Then slowly my device started having a problem. The battery drains very fast and at first my phone used to shut down at 30% charge, then 40%, and now 50%. It won’t turn on until i put the charging cable. My phone does not turn off until i use anything like apps. My phone works fine but when im near to 50% charge and i use any app my phone shut down and won’t turn on until i plug in the charger. Please help i live in United Arab Emirates. — Fawad

Solution: Hi Fawad. The first solution that you want to try is to calibrate the battery so the operating system can read the levels properly. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Use the phone by playing games or doing tasks to hasten power discharge, until the phone turns itself off.
  • Turn the phone on again and let it turn itself off.
  • Charge the phone without turning it back on.
  • Wait until the battery says it fully charged to 100%
  • Unplug the charger and turn the phone on.
  • If the phone says it’s not 100% anymore, turn it off, plug the charger back in and wait until 100% charge is reached.
  • Unplug the charger the turn the phone on again.
  • Use the phone until you drain the battery down to 0.
  • Repeat the cycle once.

If battery calibration won’t help, do a factory reset (steps provided above) in order to address potential software-level glitch that may have developed. If that won’t work either, consider getting replacing the battery.


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