Galaxy S7 keeps showing ‘screen overlay detected’ error, other issues

Welcome to the last #GalaxyS7 post for this week. As promised, we continue to serve Android community by publishing issues and solutions for a variety of popular devices day in and day out. This one is dedicated to the latest Samsung Galaxy S7. We hope that solutions in this material can help users still looking for a fix. For those who can’t find a solution in this post, continue watching for more S7 posts in the near future, or you can visit our main S7 troubleshooting page here.


For now, these are the specific topics that we tackle in this post:

  1. Verizon Galaxy S7 Edge keeps getting notifications in both email app and text app
  2. Unable to complete initial setup of pre-owned Straight Talk Galaxy S7
  3. Galaxy S7 front camera won’t work | Galaxy S7 “Warning: camera failed” error
  4. Galaxy S7 sync settings won’t automatically delete email messages after copies have been deleted from laptop
  5. Water-damaged Galaxy S7 battery damaged | Galaxy S7 no longer charges properly after it got wet
  6. Galaxy S7 won’t boot up normally after a failed rooting procedure
  7. Galaxy S7 keeps showing ‘Screen overlay detected’ error

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Problem #1: Verizon Galaxy S7 Edge keeps getting notifications in both email app and text app

I had S7 Edge I loved from AT&T. We switched to Verizon; I got their S7 Edge. I used the app that transfers everything to the new phone. Now I all of my emails show up both in my email box as well as in my text app, causing double notifications. Verizon has reset my phone, deleted and reinstalled my apps, and eventually switched out my phone. Nothing has resolved my phone issues. Please help, this is driving me nuts. If I can’t get this resolved, I may do something rash and unthinkable, move to Apple. — Jim

Solution: Hi Jim. First of all, there’s nothing specific in your problem description that will help us pinpoint the issue. Telling us that you’re getting the  copies of notifications in both email inbox and SMS app may be what you’re seeing but you should have included other details like the type of email you’re using, the name of apps involved, among other relevant stuff that you think are relevant to the issue. In other words, the pieces of information you provide here are not enough to point to something specific. The causes of an issue such as yours can range from a simple app bug, a misconfiguration of settings, to code-level issues we’re not aware of. We’re yet to hear a similar issue from non-Verizon S7 users so there’s also a chance that this is a bug due to some Verizon software. There’s really nothing much that we can tell you regarding this issue.

Secondly, the only workaround that we can recommend to you is limit the notifications you receive from certain apps. In Android Marshmallow, you can actually break down notification settings on per app basis. For example, if you don’t want to receive email notifications while allowing the rest of notifications for other apps, you can simply select “Block all.” If you want to do this, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Head to Sound & notification.
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap App notifications.
  • Toggle the Block all switch to turn on this feature

You can also enable other options such as “Treat as priority” and “Allow peeking” depending on your need.

Thirdly, as much as we would like you to be part of our vibrant Android community, it’s really your call. If you don’t find this workaround satisfying enough, you can go ahead and move to Apple.

Problem #2: Unable to complete initial setup of pre-owned Straight Talk Galaxy S7

I bought a Galaxy S7 second hand. It is a Straight Talk phone. The seller kept the SIM card. After talking to different people and finally getting one that could speak English that I could understand, I was told that I needed the SIM card that came with the phone. Straight Talk sent me a new SIM card for my phone. I have done a factory reset but cannot get past selecting English for the language. After that, the phone tries to connect to the wifi. I continually get a message that says it cannot connect to wifi. My other devices connect to wifi at home just fine, so I know it’s not a problem with the wifi. Please help. I have a lot of money tied up in this now “paperweight”. — Wanda

Solution: Hi Wanda. Since you did not specifically made it clear if you’re still in the initial setup stage, or already in normal mode (where you can do the usual stuff like send SMS, make calls, browse the web, take photos with the camera, etc.), we’re assuming that you’re still trying to set the phone up. If we’re correct, then your device may be basically having trouble connecting to your home wifi network.

Now, being unable to connect to a wifi network does not always necessarily mean that the issue lie on your new Galaxy S7. On the contrary, the reason for that may actually be on the wi-fi network itself. As an added security layer, some wi-fi administrators may setup the network to automatically block unknown or new devices from connecting. There may be a filtering system being implemented in your wi-fi network such as MAC filtering, which blocks a device from connecting if its MAC address is not recognized. If you are not the administrator of your home wi-fi (may be a tech savvy kid or husband), make sure that you let them know you’re having this trouble. If you are the only administrator of your home network though but are not quite sure if there’s any such filters enabled, try to reset all the settings of the router to default. If you don’t know how to do that, contact your internet service provider (if the router was supplied by them), or use Google how to reset your particular router make.

The main purpose of the connecting to Wi-Fi during the initial setup is to ensure that the device can download and install the latest software update, as well as validate the Google account previously registered on the phone. We’re assuming though that the original owner removed his/her Google account from the phone before selling it to you. If this was not done, you will be unable to gain access unless you can enter the Google account credentials. In that case, you must contact the original owner and let them unlock the phone first for you. Keep in mind that there’s no way you can use the phone if you can’t provide the Google account credentials of the previous owner. That means your phone just became an expensive paperweight.

Problem #3: Galaxy S7 front camera won’t work | Galaxy S7 “Warning: camera failed” error

Whenever I try to switch to selfie mode (front side camera) I get the message “Warning: camera failed.” If I shut down the camera and reopen it I get a black screen and the message again. I followed the steps in your guide and I can get the camera working again, but as soon as I switch to selfie mode it fails again. Snapchat also cannot work in selfie mode. I did uninstall and reinstall Snapchat in case that was the problem without success. — Heather

Solution: Hi Heather. There can only be two general causes to this problem — hardware malfunction or software glitch. To try to get to the root of the problem, we suggest that you do a factory reset and observe the phone for a few hours without installing any apps. If the same issue occurs after a factory reset, that’s proof that the camera is defective, thus no software trick can fix it. In this case, you must need to have the phone replaced. On the other hand, if the front-facing camera works fine after a factory reset, the cause is either an operating system glitch or a third party app. You should then install the apps one by one, making sure to check if the camera works normally after every installation. This will help you identify the culprit.

For reference, these are the steps on how to factory reset your phone:

  • Create a backup of your important files and contacts.
  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S7.
  • Press and then hold the Home and Volume UP keys, then press and hold the Power key.
  • When the Samsung Galaxy S7 shows on the screen, release the Power key but continue holding the Home and Volume Up keys.
  • When the Android logo shows, you may release both keys and leave the phone be for about 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Using the Volume Down key, navigate through the options and highlight ‘wipe data / factory reset.’
  • Once highlighted, you may press the Power key to select it.
  • Now highlight the option ‘Yes — delete all user data’ using the Volume Down key and press the Power button to select it.
  • Wait until your phone is finished doing the Master Reset. Once completed, highlight ‘Reboot system now’ and press the Power key.
  • The phone will now reboot longer than usual.

Problem #4: Galaxy S7 sync settings won’t automatically delete email messages after copies have been deleted from laptop

I have a Galaxy S7. My previous phone was a Galaxy S5 Advantage. On the S5, in my email app, emails would download to my phone based on the sync timing I set. Whenever I cleared my emails on my laptop, all emails would download to my laptop and the next time my phone synced, all emails that had been downloaded to my laptop automatically deleted themselves from my phone. This was excellent. I can’t seem to get this to do the same thing on my S7. Any ideas? — Duncan

Solution: Hi Duncan. Every iteration of Samsung email app (assuming you’re using the stock email app) may bring changes that may no longer necessarily replicate the behavior of the older model. If your trying to setup the same email account but can’t seem to make the phone email app behave like what the older app in your S5 Advantage did, chances are the newer S7 email app may have been modified and no longer supports the behavior you’re looking for. If your email account supports both POP3 and IMAP protocols, try switching between them during the setup to see if they’ll do the sync behavior that you want. We don’t think there’s a setting under the Samsung email app that will make it do what you want so your options are limited to using either POP3 or IMAP.

Problem #5: Water-damaged Galaxy S7 battery damaged | Galaxy S7 no longer charges properly after it got wet

I accidentally left my phone out and my sprinkler directly hit the charger. I tried turning it on because of water resistance. It didn’t respond. So I tried charging it. Tell my why the phone’s battery screen flashed? NVM that, I tried the ol’ bag full of rice trick. I left it there for about 12 hours. I tried again, and I got into recovery, but with a reddish tint. Well, I tried re-installing my ROM, hoping that it was an easily fixable issue. When the ROM was installing, I unplugged my phone, instant power off. And my phone was at 100% before the install. I panicked, and knowing that I had to use my phone soon, I did probably the stupidest move ever, and put it on AN ELECTRIC HEATER. I left it there for 5 minutes, because that heater gets so hot that the air in my whole house is dry after ~30 minutes. Now it turns on, and WOULD do everything perfectly fine, if it weren’t for the battery not charging because it’s too low. PLEASE HELP!! — Zii

Solution: Hi Zii. If everything on the phone works fine except the battery, then you need to have the battery replaced. It’s really that simple. There’s no software trick or hardware trick that can reverse whatever inappropriate chemical reaction that happened to the battery when you “cooked” your phone in an electric heater. If the phone’s liquid damage indicator has not been tripped, you may still be able to get the phone replaced or repaired for free via Samsung service center or the store. If that’s no longer possible, you must invest a few hundred dollars for the repair.

Problem #6: Galaxy S7 won’t boot up normally after a failed rooting procedure

Hi there. My name is Steef and I am from the Netherlands. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and I am currently undergoing issues because the attempt to root my device has failed. At first it looked that it succeeded because that was the message I got in Odin. But after my phone did not reboot and the error “Kernel is not seandroid enforcing” appeared.

Also the Knox counter was triggered. According to this I tried to flash the original firmware through Odin again but this failed. Now I got the message to perform a emergency recovery through Smart Switch but smart switch can not detect my device anymore. I did try to download a couple of different firmware through Odin but none of this did work. The only way I can start my phone up is in download mode.

Further the phone doesn’t do anything. I have to say I was that stupid that I did not make any backups cause my previous phone was rooted in an instance without any problems. But now the question: is there anything else I could do to bring my phone back to life? Sure hope you can be of assistance and hope to hear something soon. Many thanks — Steef

Solution: Hi Steef. Issues that results from modifying official software are best addressed by developers of software you’re using. If you can no longer turn the phone on normally after a failed rooting or flashing process, the only effective but general solution that we’re aware of includes:

  • wiping the cache partition via recovery mode
  • doing a factory reset  via recovery mode
  • unrooting the device (if the issue is directly caused by incorrect rooting process)
  • flashing a stock ROM

If you’ve already tried all of them before contacting us, we’re sorry but there’s nothing more that we can give. You must try to reach out to the developer of the software you used that caused the problem initially, or find another forum that handles rooting or flashing related concerns.

Problem #7: Galaxy S7 keeps showing ‘Screen overlay detected’ error

Hello. The built in Calendar on my phone is causing a major issue. First I get when I slide down from top for notifications: Calendar shown – To receive notifications from Calendar, tap SETTINGS, go to App info > Permissions, then allow the following permissions: Calendar. Then I click SETTINGS and try to turn on Calendar permissions to ON, but then new little window pops up stating: Screen overlay detected, To change this permission setting, you first have to turn off the screen overlay from Settings > Apps. Then I click OPEN SETTINGS, and it’s on a Draw over other apps page. I click Calendar to turn ON, which it appears to do. Then I click back to turn on Calendar permissions and the same ‘Screen overlay detected’ window pops up. I did a REBOOT SYSTEM, no avail. Please help, thanks so much in advance!

Solution: We’ve observed this issue happening on non-Samsung devices too so we’re certain it’s either an operating system related issue, or something brought about by certain apps. Usually, the issue happens when loading an app that has a “floating” functionality like what Facebook Messenger app does when it’s notification bubble shows up. Android operating system requires that apps must ask permission from the user if they want to access certain phone functionalities like the camera, internal storage, among others. We think that the “screen overlay detected” error  is interfering with the dialogue that’s supposed to popup asking for permission. In this case, turning off the screen overlay should fix the issue. To do this, you must do a series of steps.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to Applications.
  • Tap Application manager.
  • Tap More.
  • Tap Apps that can appear on top.
  • You will then be presented with a list of apps. Each of the apps in the list is capable of showing pop ups, bubbles, and other elements over an active app you’re using. Make sure that you disable all of them to make sure that everything is taken care of.


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