[Deal] Amazon Echo and Echo Dot for $139.99 and $39.99

Echo Dot
The Amazon Echo Dot

#Amazon is now offering impressive discounts on the #Echo and the #EchoDot home assistant devices. The company originally launched the Echo first, and then slowly expanded its lineup with the addition of the Echo Dot. The Echo and the Echo Dot are now selling for $139.99 and $39.99 respectively on Amazon.

The only reason you would want to get the Echo Dot is if you’re looking for something small and portable. It will require an external speaker to connect (wired or Bluetooth), so you won’t be able to run it independently. The standard Echo, however, comes with a set of speakers of its own, so you won’t have to look around for an audio source.

One of the most attractive features of these Echo devices is the addition of the Alexa voice assistant which walks you through almost every query and request you have about the device. It can take commands like playing music, read you news and much more.

These discounted prices will surely make the Echo a very attractive proposition to the customers.



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